MacOS developer (MAC Client for Zafepass Prevent & Protect)

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Here at Zafehouze, we create one of the most advanced Attribute Based Access, Communication and Identity Control platforms. You can see an intro here:

Our Windows 'stuff' works perfect, and we now need to do the same on MAC, iOS and Android- where MacOS is the biggest priority.

We are looking for a freelancer - in Europe (preferably) that can work independently and in small teams to ensure the Zafepass Prevent & Protect methodologies and design principles can be ported to Apples world. What tools to be used is not that important.

You'll probably need to be proficient and understanding how networks, communication and VPN technologies work as well as Apple’s design principles and interface and back-end service guidelines.

The objective is to ensure quality and performance of the application to specifications. Work with the existing team to identify potential problems and resolve bottlenecks - and publish the application on App Store. If you have UX/UI skills as part of the package - great.

We intend to keep this job-posting short, as there isn't a range of specific requirements needed except you need to possess a good self-driven character, be able to self-management and most importantly be able to hook into the perspective fof what we do.

We aim for conducting the first interviews here in August (2023).

Kind regards

Team Zafehouze.

For more information or questions please contact us at or phone number +4593631300

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Zafehouze is a leading global software high-tech development company. Our Zafepass platform is delivering unmatched features and nothing on the market provide the extremely efficient security that the Zafepass Prevent & Protectplatform does. Zafepass connects any users on any device to any resource, services, applications and/or data (IT, OT and IoT - all supported). We do this in a way the that neither users or adversaries (Cyber-attackers) can subvert, whether by malice, accident or trickery !! Everyone is welcome to try breach Zafepass - none have succeeded yet the past 10 years.

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