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Greetings, Future Fauna Teammate!

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey with Fauna Smart Technologies as a Remote Sensing Engineer? Join our team within the Tech Remote Sensing and be part of groundbreaking initiatives in the field!

While this position is currently advertised as an Internship, we see the potential to bring you on board as a Consultant in the future, depending on your enthusiasm, chemistry, and cultural fit.

At Fauna Smart Technologies, we've had the privilege of receiving continuous support from the European Space Agency (ESA) for three consecutive years. Our collaborations have taken us from the Danish ESA BIC to ESA UK, and now we're thrilled to announce our collaboration with ESA in the Netherlands, which brings us to the position we're advertising today. Working with satellite data may seem like a "top-down" approach, but in reality, it incorporates a crucial "bottom-up" component. We foster a close collaboration between our LifeScience Team and Tech Remote Sensing to establish a coherent system that combines both approaches. Together, we identify methodologies to test ground-truth(s) and find farmer-friendly solutions.

Now, let's delve into your role:

As a Remote Sensing Engineer, you'll have the opportunity to work with environmental data, specifically focusing on apple orchards in Denmark. Your mission will be to create a comprehensive map of plant health based on leaf nitrogen content, optimizing production processes while minimizing N fertilization which leads to reduction of CO2 emissions. To achieve this, you'll utilize a combination of high-resolution PlanetScope and SkySat imagery, alongside publicly available data such as Sentinel-2 and Landsat.

To thrive in this role, we're seeking individuals who possess the following skills, along with a vibrant energy:

  • Strong programming skills in R or Python

  • Familiarity with geospatial analysis and GIS software

  • Experience in analyzing satellite images or image processing in general

  • Proficiency in data analysis, and knowledge of machine learning techniques is a definite plus!

  • An interest in precision agriculture and/or a passion for making farming greener

Together, let's redesign agro-ecosystems into greener, healthier, and more efficient — for the people and for the planet!

If this opportunity resonates with you, we are eager to get to know you better!

Join us at Fauna Smart Technologies and become an integral part of our passionate team.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Warm regards,


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Flexible working hours

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