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Frontend Vue.js Developer

Salary Competitive

We are currently seeking a highly talented Vue.js Frontend Developer with a creative mindset and a keen eye for design to join our growing team. This is an excellent opportunity to work on exciting projects, showcase your unique skills, and contribute to the creation of engaging user experiences.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Design and develop highly interactive and visually stunning web applications.

  2. Develop high-quality, responsive, and scalable UI components using Vue.js and other modern web technologies.

  3. Contribute to the overall aesthetic and user experience of our products.

  4. Maintain a strong understanding of design principles, web standards, and best practices.

  5. Stay up-to-date with the latest Vue.js features, libraries, and best practices.

  6. Troubleshoot and resolve bugs and performance issues to ensure a smooth user experience.

Essential Skills:

  1. 2+ years of experience as a frontend developer, with a strong focus on Vue.js.

  2. Demonstrated expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with a deep understanding of web standards and best practices.

  3. A strong portfolio showcasing your creativity, design skills, and ability to create engaging user experiences.

  4. Solid experience with responsive design and cross-browser compatibility.

  5. Familiarity with CSS preprocessors like Tailwind.

  6. Strong attention to detail and the ability to effectively prioritize and manage multiple tasks.

  7. Excellent communication and teamwork skills.

  8. A proactive, self-motivated attitude, and the ability to work independently or as part of a team.

  9. Familiarity with version control systems, like Git.


  1. Knowledge of UX/UI design principles and tools, such as Sketch, Figma, or Adobe XD.

For more information or questions please contact us at joona@wudpecker.io

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Paid holiday
Paid holiday

Metropolitists, beach boys and mountaineers we salute you and pay you to go and explore the world.

Pet friendly
Pet friendly

Dogs, turtles or goldfish are welcome in the office as long as they want to cuddle every now and then.

Social gatherings
Social gatherings

Social gatherings and games; hang out with your colleagues.

Equity package
Equity package

Want to be a partner? Look no further.

Work life balance
Work life balance

Carve out time for your kids, friends and personal cider projects.

Mental health support
Mental health support

We care about your wellbeing. We take stress seriously and support you in times with any mental imbalance.

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