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Join an EU project about games in Copenhagen all paid by EU!

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Game changer - an EU project

Are you a game enthusiast, perhaps a gamer or maybe you are working with games? Perhaps you are an educator? If you are interested in games, game development and or what we can learn from games or how we can use games to level up people’s understanding of the world this project is for you. Would you like to gain a better understanding of how we can use games then you should apply to be a part of our project! Are you interested in meeting new people and spending a week in Denmark with transportation, food and board paid by the EU? 


Game changer is a 7 days project in Copenhagen from March 20 to March 26 2023. In this project we mix people who are or want to be involved in games with those who use games for learning (GBL). Together we will join workshops and executions all in the theme of game based learning - GBL, we will arrange courses in art, programming, music and history and culture. We use informal and informal learning in our workshops that will be hands-on where we share and discuss GBL, you do not need to have an expertise in it! We will have a nice time together and make new connections and friendships among people in games or education. In our project we will understand games better by playing them and discussing them. The EU will pay for your stay, transportation and green meals (from breakfast to dinner) while in the event. Participating is free!

Project Game changer is an EU project organised by The Association Green Game Learning which aims to bring together people who make games, people working within or interested in Game Based Learning. The purpose is to socialise, build community around these people, teach and share practices in the field


To be eligible to join you must be between 18-30 years of age and have adresse in one of our partner countries: Denmark, Germany, Ukraine, Portugal, France or Poland. We have a total of 50 seats distributed among these countries, you are more than welcome to bring a friend or co-worker! You do not need to be an expert in games or education, but you need to have an interest in games and if you apply to join you have to be able to fully join the program on the listed dates. Also, you need to be able to communicate in English, we expect you are fluent or almost fluent.


The project will be held at KUA a UCPH Campus in Copenhagen in classrooms at Karen Blixens Vej 8, 2300 København S. Some days we will have activities outside campus, there will be a few excursion some of the days around the city too. There will be excursions in Copenhagen to other game studios, board game cafés, an amusement arcade and an Escape Room. We will be accommodating you in hostel rooms booked at Steel House Copenhagen. 

Herholdtsgade 6

DK-1605 København V.

If you don’t want to stay at Steel House, if you for instance should have accommodation elsewhere or want to buy a stay elsewhere you are welcome to do so, as long as you cover the expense yourself.

The programe


Additionally we are planning a small preparation visit, which you potentially could join: 17th-19th feb or 24th-26th feb.

Interested in joining?

You can apply at our application side at thehub.io. After that we will invite you to an online meeting to talk about the project. For any question reach out to: Project Lead Andreas Jørgensen.

But do not use this mail address to apply, actual application must be submitted at thehub.io

Remember we have more seats so please feel free to refer this to a friend or co-worker.

Apply as soon as possible, we imagine we will contact people in the beginning/middle of February.

For more information or questions please contact us at eu@gamucatex.com or phone number +45 25722969

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Remote work allowed
Remote work allowed

You know how you perform best. Work from your couch, your favorite cafe or abroad when you feel like it.

Central office
Central office

Your local office is your anchor point, thus, we placed it centrally at your convenience.

Work life balance
Work life balance

Carve out time for your kids, friends and personal cider projects.

Skill development
Skill development

We want to take you from good to great.

Near public transit
Near public transit

Easy access and treehugger friendly workplace.

Social gatherings
Social gatherings

Social gatherings and games; hang out with your colleagues.

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ABOUT GAMUCATEX We are an indie startup of 20+ people making meaningful games that can level up your understanding of the world. Our headquarters are in Copenhagen (Frederiksberg/Amager) but we are an international company with team members across the world. Our cooperative team takes good care of each other and is open, flexible and transparent; so do you want to join our family? We believe games should be both fun to play AND to make! ABOUT OUR CURRENT GAME We are developing a digital autobattler card based game in a historical and mythological universe. The aim is to make a historically accurate game that inspires people to immerse themselves into history. The upcoming game is in production. The player will be taking charge of a faction, either Viking, Frankian or English which they will follow through history. Letting you experience what happened in the past according to historical records. Battles take place online and in scenarios on a turn based board. You will lead your forces to your enemies lines and holding your moral high you will dominate the fighting! This innovative game puts historical characters in cards moving combat on a grid format. The inspiration comes from: Magic, Civilizations, Age of Empires and Heroes. We are a member of Human & Legal Innovation Hub at UCPH, at South Campus (KUA), Copenhagen Entrepreneur School (CSE) and Game Hub Denmark. They all aid us with consultants, an office space, workshops and much more. WHY ARE WE DOING THIS AND HOW? With games we can make a great impact in people's lives

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