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Founder Associate - DK Growth

Salary DKK 30,000 - DKK 45,000
Equity To be negotiated


European SMEs are strong at paying their taxes, and there's good controls in place from authorities to make sure they pay what they should. That's all good and fair. However, there's a jungle of different grants, tax credits and recoverability options, that only large enterprises have the ability to utilise, as they're the only ones who can spare their focus to handle these options. Here, the fairness is long gone.

With VATKEYs software platform, we work on giving businesses of all sizes access to the difference schemes, and our first product helps businesses recover cross-border VAT, e.g. from business travel in other EU-countries.

Our principles of culture

  • we believe in progress and in each other

  • collaboration and communication across the board is the path of success

  • be curious and be courageous

  • set goals and hold yourself accountable for the path towards the goal

  • we’re adaptable and resilient, and bounce back quickly from setbacks

  • we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty

  • honesty above all, especially when things aren’t smooth sailing

Founder Associate - DK Growth

We’re early stage, so you won’t be welcomed by playbooks, fine-tuned processes, nor complex hierarchies and politics. Instead, you’re expected to be creative, energetic and ready to make a difference!

Our Founder Associates works closely alongside our Founder team on executing our market launch with all that this includes. You’re in the driver’s seat, and we have enough of stuff to do, that you get to develop your skillset and your career in the direction you wish.

We design our Founder Associate teams to be self-managing (with the support that you need to succeed). That means, that you - together with your team - will divide and conquer the work towards your joint milestones.

You’ll be doing things such as…

  • Identify growth initiatives, and execute them (with support if needed)

    • Growth initiatives can include anything from ad campaigns, handwritten letters, conference participation, cold-calling … your imagination is the limit!

  • Support your team’s growing client portfolio

  • Help clients onboard to the platform, and collect feedback in the process

We appreciate if you…

  • Speak Danish and English - vores kunder på det danske marked taler oftest.. ja, dansk, and our company language is English

  • Have a basic understanding of business operations such as finance, taxes/VAT, and accounting

  • Are naturally energetic and excited to be part of a startup journey

  • Likes to solve problems, and execute on your solutions

Practically speaking

  • We’re remote-first, meaning we don’t have any centralised offices

    • Instead, you get a budget for either a co-working space, or to sit around cafés anywhere you want in Europe

  • Global health, travel, and dental insurances

  • Updated tech package

  • Team gatherings every 2 months somewhere in Europe (last one was in Madrid!)

  • Solid and transparent equity package - we’re building this company together, and we’re reaping the fruits together

Hiring process

Application review → Intro call → Skill demo → Team interview → Values interview → Offer

For more information or questions please contact us at jobs@vatkey.com

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Gym access
Gym access

Short, tall, skinny, chubby we like you just as you are. But if you dream about a bum like J-Lo we got you covered.

Social gatherings
Social gatherings

Social gatherings and games; hang out with your colleagues.

Pet friendly
Pet friendly

Dogs, turtles or goldfish are welcome in the office as long as they want to cuddle every now and then.

Equity package
Equity package

Want to be a partner? Look no further.

Remote work allowed
Remote work allowed

You know how you perform best. Work from your couch, your favorite cafe or abroad when you feel like it.

New tech gear
New tech gear

Are you a true Tech Savvy? Macbook, trackpad, you name it, we get you covered.

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Working at

We're on a mission: To establish fiscal fairness in Europe! We are VATKEY. And here, we are dedicated to helping small- and medium-sized businesses in Europe navigate the complex world of tax receivables. Our software checks your business expenses for cross-border VAT, and helps you get it refunded. It’s about fairness; European SMEs are strong at paying their taxes - as they should be. What we SMEs are not as good at, is making sure we get the right deductions. The process - especially for cross-border deductions - is so complicated that it’s typically only large enterprises who utilise these options. But VAT is a tax on consumption — not on doing business! Therefore we’re helping European businesses recover their cross-border VAT - one euro at a time!

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