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Simulation Engineer (Digital Twin) - Thesis/Intern position

Salary Unpaid

Do you want to practice and learn new skills within a vibrant environment? Do you have a curious mind and a proactive attitude? Are you brave enough to bring new ideas that make an impact? Then we are looking for you

At ROICO we are developing a collaborative painting tool using robotic technology. We empower painters with a solution that works alongside them, allowing them to focus on high-value and value-creating tasks. This tool will help painters increase their productivity, reduce physically straining tasks, and address the labor shortage among painting companies.

We are looking for a Master Thesis/Intern to assist in developing simulation environment and Digital Twin for our collaborative mobile painting robot

What will you do?

  • Develop a Digital Twin for our collaborative robot

  • Create different simulation environments and conduct simulated experiments  

  • Work in close collaboration with our engineering team 

What we offer

  • Work remotely

  • Flexible working hours

  • Work with an experienced engineer to learn new technologies and skills

  • An opportunity to work in an early-stage startup where you can make an impact

  • We are open to your ideas

What we look for

  • Relevant (ongoing) education and/or proven experience as Simulation Engineer

  • Experience with ROS2, Gazebo, tf2 and URDF format

  • Willingness to learn Unity3D  and use it as a Simulation engine with ROS2

  • Proficiency in at least one of the following programming languages, C/C++/C# and or Python

  • Feeling comfortable working in a Linux environment

  • [Optionally] Experience working with 3D models, i.e stl, obj

  • [Optionally] Experience working with Blender, or other 3D tool for making different simulation environments

  • Familiarity with Git

  • An eye for details and aesthetics

  • A proactive, problem-solving attitude

  • Fluent in English


If you have projects you’re proud of send us a link to them, i.e github, youtube

Creative applications are appreciated.

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Time is precious. Make it count. Morning person or night owl, this job is for you.

Working at
ROICO Solutions ApS

At ROICO Solutions we are developing a collaborative painting robot working alongside painters boosting productivity (+38.1%), reducing physical strain, and addressing labour shortage on the construction site. We focus on ease-of-use with a plug-and-play design for increased mobility and flexibility. We experienced ourselves how challenging and physically demanding it was to paint. This made us curious to figure out what construction painters are faced with. It was due to this where learned that painters are in desperate need of new solutions to work faster, better, and healthier. We learned that over 50% of painters are open to adopting new technologies and 16% want it now. Moreover: - Painters have the lowest margins in construction - 86% of painting companies experience an increasing skilled labour shortage - 33% of all EU painters will retire within a decade, while labour shortage increases We aim to solve these issues with Aacollaborative, semiautonomous robotic painting solution for construction painters. Our solution: - Paints walls and ceilings up to 3.5 meters high using an extendable pillar; - Navigates autonomously along walls through a mobile base; - Object detection to recognize areas that should not be painted (e.g. windows or sockets); - Uses sensors to detect any obstacles or people to avoid collisions; - Mobile application allows manual control or semi-autonomous mode - Software and sensors gather data (e.g. wall type, objects on the wall and ceiling, paint consumption, activity timer, and data associated with navigation and mapping It all started with our own experiences painting. And when we learned how challenging it is for painting professionals, we knew that we wanted to make their lives easier. We set out to develop a tool using robotic technology that empowers painters. ROICO in Erhverv+: https://erhvervplus.dk/artikel/lavpraktisk-problem-l%C3%B8st-med-avanceret-teknologi-iv%C3%A6rks%C3%A6ttere-ser-stort-potentiale-i-malerrobot

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