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We are looking for an experienced AWS Developer, backend developer (or fullstack) responsible for making our SaaS platform more scalable and reliable. We are looking to containerize our application and migrate it to EKS (Or another AWS service such as ECS, Lambda, etc.).

You are going to be responsible for setting up a monitoring stack. Those metrics are also going to be used for service capacity planning. But also improve our current algorithm and further develop it.

We are also looking to continue our machine learning, so experience in Python is a plus.


  • Understand the current application infrastructure and suggest changes to it.

  • Define and document best practices and strategies regarding application deployment and infrastructure maintenance.

  • Migrate our infrastructure with zero downtime to a highly available, scalable one.

  • Set up a monitoring stack.

  • Define service capacity planning strategies.

  • Implement the application’s CI/CD pipeline using the AWS CI/CD stack.

  • Write infrastructure as code using CloudFormation or similar.

  • Improve the current architectural solution to optimize functionality, speed and accuracy


  • Experience with the core AWS services

  • Good background in Linux/Unix administration.

  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes. Having used ECS or EKS, or equivalent in the past is a plus.

  • Proficiency in at least one language from our stack: NodeJS, .Net, Python

  • Strong notions of security best practices (e.g. using IAM Roles, KMS, etc.).

  • Experience with monitoring solutions such as CloudWatch, Prometheus, and the ELK stack.

  • Previous exposure to large-scale systems design.

  • Ability to troubleshoot distributed systems.

  • Knowledge of writing infrastructure as code (IaC) using CloudFormation or Terraform.

  • Experience with building or maintaining cloud-native applications.

  • Past experience with the serverless approaches using AWS Lambda is a plus. For example, the Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM).

  • Experience working in React.js (or similar)

What we offer

A challenging work place, where you get to work with frontier technology and take ownership on the solutions. Liberty and ownership will be at the core of your work. The team is hard working, international and creative.

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