Practice Marketing/Events / Design / Entrepreneurship. Launch to Unis & AMKs

Salary Unpaid
Equity To be negotiated

We are pursuing a unique project to make Squash history, and we need YOUR help!

There has never been a culture of squash, sports and not even sports in general in Finnish universities. If you want to help us change all that, then this role could be for you!

We are looking for ambitious members for our sports & social network crew. We have multiple openings from junior to more experienced students from arranging simple activities, sports events making hosting to marketing and management.

We provide campuses with a smart web platform, that allow the students to connect with each other for 1 to 1 activities like badminton, squash and other non sporty hobbies too like culture groups, hangouts and meetups.

Student unions have also shown great interest in our platform to organize their own events, create activities, and manage them in a smart way with the no-spam chat and scheduling tools that will eliminate being stood up. The platform helps anyone organize events and clubs where people can meet, and collaborate on social or sports activities.

We have an enterprise edition for bigger companies or big Uni Staff, Great for team building targets and getting to know each other better.

You'll be working in a multicultural team of young(or young at heart) and enthusiastic professionals. You'll be working on creating the events, and promote them on social media with the goal of bringing people together.

What kind of tasks are in the events team?

The roles will be designed based on the candidate's background, skills and desired area for work experience. The candidate can help write their own role description but here are some titles that are popular:

  • Squash & Sports Club Captains - marketing, HR, PR & Events

  • Community Team Leader

  • Sport / social/ other activities or events maker

  • Event marketer

  • Partnerships coordinator

  • Sponsor relations

  • Uni community partner coordinator

  • or build your own role based on skills or growth area

If you meet these requirements, you would be a great fit:

  • Strong language & communication skills, we are an English-speaking company so No Finnish? No Problem!

  • Team-oriented person, we promote teamwork

  • Ready to learn and implement new skills in practice

  • Enthusiastic about marketing

  • Love startup culture

  • Proactivity

  • Problem-solving attitude

  • Passionate about people, sports & events as connectors of people.

We support hybrid working conditions. The position will be perfect for entry-level specialists, and students. Write a short message to us about why you want to join.

Perfect for :

  • Uni projects with your fellow classmates

  • Internships

  • Entrepeurial experience

  • Social & Active people


Note: We put internship-unpaid in this job description but that's not exactly true. It depends on the candidate's ability, ambition, and many other factors. We need great people to join our mission and all our best candidates start on a commission plan. For others, it's their first step into the job market or starting a new career, and can't get a start with other companies. In summary, if you believe you can help the company make money, you will make money while making a difference.

For more information or questions please contact us at or phone number 0440255844

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Social gatherings
Social gatherings

Near public transit
Near public transit

Skill development
Skill development

Remote work allowed
Remote work allowed

Work life balance
Work life balance

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Unfair Advantage Oy

Unfair Advantage Oy is providing companies (B2B) and individuals (B2C) with web platforms that allows them to create communities, sport clubs and events. We are manifesting on bringing people together and help them to interact offline and engaging in outdoor or sport activities. The main goal of Unfair Advantage Oy is to promote social interaction and a solution to social loneliness and psychographic isolating behavioral patterns that we see become more and more common in the digital world of today. We believe that human need to connect in order to survive, and we are connecting humanity. Even in a pandemic.

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