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DigitalGuest is all about delivering the best possible digital guest experience in the hospitality industry. Join us and help take DigitalGuest to the next level 🚀

With technology and software as our weapon we strive to contribute to the sustainable development of the hospitality industry by becoming the industry’s preferred digital platform for guest communicationupselling and guest service and much more.

Since our launch in 2018, we’re guided by the same purpose. Passion for software, technology and especially the hospitality industry.

The last couple of years we’ve been growing from 4-30 employees and our platform is used by 450+ hotels in 22 different countries – and we’re just getting started 🚀


Hey hey.... before you continue ☝️ We are only looking for local people in Spain 🎯


Your role

  • Managing the growth of DigitalGuest in your local market 🚀📍

  • Establish and maintaining the best relations with our current as well as our new partners ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Setup meetings with great hotels and help them on their digital guest journey 🛎️🖥️

  • Partner up with local hospitality superstars 🤝

  • Contribute to an amazing culture, team and journey 👊

  • Your heart will skip a beat when you get to ring the sales bell and your are driven by getting more clients on-board the journey 📈🚀

  • Fancy a road trip every now and then to visit our lovely partners 🚙


Your skills

  • Experience within sales and customer relations 🎯

  • You know the hospitality industry and get the lingo 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️

  • You are a relation making machine 🙌🥳

  • Of course fluent in Spanish 🗣️

  • Always proactive, curious and constantly seeking possibilities to do your best 🔥

  • Proud owner of integrity and knowing the importance of quality 🏆

  • You have skills in administration and details 📊

  • You got a driver's license 🚙


Your personality

  • Human values and honesty is your nature 😁

  • ... but you also love to put on a hoodie and dig into structure, numbers and details!

  • You are a go-get-it type 🏆

  • Self-driving all the way to the moon 🐱‍🏍

  • A combined team player and independent soldier at the same time 👌

  • Seeing your colleagues as people you want to have a beer with and get to know more about 👊


Pssst... just a last thing before you leave 👇

Culture, honesty and team spirit means everything to us 💚 You will team up with our Country Manager in Spain (Madrid), and will get proper onboarding and ongoing support from our HQ in Denmark (Aarhus) and the European Sales team 📍🌍

If you can fit yourself into these personality traits, we got the opportunity for you!

For more information or questions please contact us at or phone number +4528251016

Perks and benefits

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Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Free coffee / tea
Free coffee / tea

Near public transit
Near public transit

Social gatherings
Social gatherings

Central office
Central office

Work life balance
Work life balance

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DigitalGuest 📲🚀

DigitalGuest is all about delivering the best possible guest experience in the hospitality industry. Join us and help take DigitalGuest to the next level 🚀 It all started with the idea of replacing the old printed and dusty hotel directory sitting in the hotel room - and yes, it's still out there! With technology and software as our weapon we strive to contribute to the sustainable development of the hospitality industry by becoming the industry’s preferred digital platform for guest communication, upselling and guest service. Since our launch in 2016, we’re guided by the same purpose. Passion for technology and for the hospitality industry 🛎️📲 The last year we’ve been growing from 4-30 employess and our platform is used by 500+ hotels in 20+ different countries – and we’re just getting started 🚀 Get to know us a bit better:

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