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Join us at Zliide

We are looking for an open-minded developer to join our team and be a core member of the Zliide Software team as we scale. 

Preferably, you thrive in chaos and have maybe tried working at a start-up before and know how challenging and hectic things can be up to a launch of something or when an urgent bug occurs.

If you have tried working with many different technologies and systems, that is awesome, but if you haven’t, that is also okay. The most important thing is that you are willing to learn and adapt to how we build things and the technologies we use. 

We are mainly looking for a developer who is strong in backend development and likes to be in the engine room building functionality to support the frontend. If you have tried some mobile development before, that is a great bonus. We have no hard requirements for what technologies you should know, but if you have worked with some of the following technologies, it would be awesome.

  • TypeScript

  • Node.js

  • Serverless

  • Microservices

  • Azure Functions

  • Azure Cosmos DB

  • Flutter

Our key values

  • Helping each other out when an issue occurs

  • Open and transparent communication

  • Being positive and constructive

  • Having fun along the way

Our work process

We are a small dedicated team, that works the way we want to work. We work in a very agile way and don’t have any locked sprints or planning, grooming and estimation sessions. Instead, we have a prioritized backlog with the tasks in an order that often changes due to customers’ feedback or when we have a great initiative we want to come alive. We are in the process of shaping our development process and culture and have been for the last two years and will probably also be for the next two years. We automate as much as possible to keep disturbances away, so we can focus on getting stuff done.

Tech Stack

Zliide will grow and grow fast. So we build for scale using cutting-edge event-driven microservice architecture running serverless in Azure Functions. We deploy with confidence; code we write is tested and deployed in seconds. We killed the monolith years ago, so don’t worry about that either.

We believe in building things in a scalable way! Therefore, we have built our software with a serverless/microservice architecture in Azure Functions. We write all our functions in TypeScript, and do not have even a single yaml file. Our apps are built with Flutter which allows us to deliver our app from a single codebase. Since its alpha version, we have always tried to stay on top of the latest features and capabilities of Flutter to leverage its potential.

What are we working on?

Having gotten a foothold in the lucrative fashion retail market, we're looking to expand our patented self-checkout solution overseas and to new markets. We have built a great foundation for our product and are building a lot of new functionality as MVPs to increase traction, usability, and much more. But we are also making sure our services, operations, and product can scale to thousands of stores and millions of users.

Why should you join us?

If you want to be a part of the next Danish unicorn and be part of building a product that will revolutionize the physical retail industry, Zliide is the place for you to work! Reach out and we will tell you all about our crazy visions and awesome tech.

For more information or questions please contact us at

Perks and benefits

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Free lunch

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Flexible working hours

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At Zliide, we seek to reinvent the fashion industry by making physical retail stores more digital with our awesome solutions and features, enabling fast and smooth assisted-checkout, in-store ordering and much more when shopping through Zliide. We are funded by leading Danish VC funds and business angels such as Nordic Eye, PreSeed Ventures, and US and Danish-based family offices. Zliide was founded in 2016 and has built a scalable product currently implemented in 30 stores in Denmark and expanding both within Denmark and abroad soon. Our team consists of 16 people who work from our office in central Aarhus. We strive to create an international working environment and a strong relationship with the core team, which you would be a part of. Our goal is to become a world-leading platform for physical retail.‍

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