Startup Program Junior Account Manager

Salary €2,700 - €3,200
Equity To be negotiated

Startup Program Junior Account Manager

Finnish + English speaking

2700 - 3200 EUR gross + provision / performance bonus

Mostly remote work

Finland time zone

Finest Future Oy in Finland is looking for a Junior Account Manager

We are a company in the strategic management consulting business (not an ordinary one) with offices located in Finland, Vietnam, Myanmar and Estonia. Our founding team has 3 members: Peter Vesterbacka (Chairperson), Bambi Dang (CEO) and Tuomas Tiilikainen (COO). We are a team of about 50 people (9 nationalities, located in 5 different countries). Our mission is to enable super connectivity between different areas of the world by working on development projects in Education, Entrepreneurship and other related activities.

We are working with partners worldwide. With us, you get to instantly be part of a multicultural team with clients and partners located currently in many different countries and continents (Our current main markets are Asia, Africa, South America).

We hope that you are able to travel (if needed and when possible), to develop strong relationships with our partners and clients. We are pretty flexible with where you work because at this stage, virtual platforms are our main playground. Sometimes we might meet in person when it’s necessary and convenient.

We are looking for you to join our awesome team, starting date as soon as possible.

We don't require much from you, but at the same time, expect a lot from you!

What we mean by we don't require much:

The right mindset is more important to us. So, you don't need to have an extensive history of work experience. You will be able to learn by doing. You just need to have the willingness to learn (easy, right?).

What we mean by we expect a lot from you:

As we said, we expect that you have a doer mindset. You don’t sit around waiting for orders, instead you are proactive and creative. You are not afraid to try new things that perhaps others have never tried, even if it’s likely that you’d fail on your first try. You eat failure for breakfast. You refuse to quit. You love finding a solution every time you see a problem. You have an entrepreneurial mindset. You have a growth mindset. You have an infinite mindset. You don't want to settle for mediocrity. You are a person who leads by example. You are a leader in everyday life and your mission is to make an impact and empower other people to become better. You venture into the unknown and have faith in your own vision.

As long as you have those qualities above, we know you can go far in life, with our support. Believe us! 

You will apply creative ideas and methods in your thinking and execution of our programs. You are obsessed that things can always be better, different and unique. We count on you to make our programs known throughout the world, in a non-conventional way!

Here are your responsibilities:

  • Craft program strategies, including Goals, Structuring, Planning, Delegation and Execution

  • Build and maintain new relationships and partnerships

  • Set, execute, monitor and report on team goals to the CEO.

  • Help with recruiting new team members for our Program team as we expand

  • Improve the work processes in order to optimize productivity and efficiency of the teams

  • Identify new business opportunities and make suggestions

  • Coordinate different meetings/events and travel to these

What you need in order to succeed in this role:

  • Good understanding and experience working with Startups and Startup ecosystems 

  • Good network with startup ecosystem players and partners 

  • Good understanding of the business side: Company establishment, taxation, banking processes, etc.

  • Good understand of investment (angels, VCs, etc.), grant application, funding opportunities and processes

  • Excellent English + Finnish language skills, both written and verbal. Being proactive, dynamic, flexible

  • Having the ability to build things from scratch but also adapt to your colleagues

  • Customer oriented with high emotional intelligence

  • Preferably 2 years experience in coordination, planning, delegation, or management

What we look for in you as a team player:

  • We are a truly diverse international organization, so excellent English skills, both written and spoken, is a must.

  • Excellent organizational and communication skills.

  • Thirst and tenacity on finding out the solution to any type of problem you may come across.

  • You set the tone, then make sure things are getting done

  • Ability to empower everyone around you and inspire by example

  • Positivity and collaboration are the foundation of our culture, therefore the most important qualities you could bring are a positive attitude and being helpful to others. Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much!

Why us?

Here is what you will get from joining us:

You will get to work with Peter Vesterbacka, the former Mighty Eagle behind Angry Birds, the co-founder of Slush, the brain behind the longest tunnel project connecting Finland and Estonia, and many other cool and impactful projects. (He went to Cu Chi tunnel in Vietnam to learn how to build his Finland-Estonia tunnels hehe ???? ).

You will get to work with Bambi Dang, a purpose-driven professional and a life conqueror who never stops challenging herself and people around her to become better. (She is very bad with direction, yet she is the CEO? (driving the company into the wall? ???? ).

You will get to work with Tuomas Tiilikainen, a fun, focused and versatile entrepreneur who loves to develop people. Expertise in CxO sales ranging from start-ups to international large companies (Tuomas is a pinky princess who gossips ????).

And you will also get to work with Yadi Yada Yada Bla Ble Blu (we have quite many awesome team members - go meet them so you know).

We are ambitious. We think big and we want the size of your thinking also to become big. And definitely you will become big when you work with us. And of course having lots of fun ????.

Here is what makes us different:

This Finest Future consulting business might sound ordinary, but trust us, it's not. It’s part of something big (check out the FinestBay Area, the Finland-Estonia tunnel, and the artificial island project  which will directly and indirectly create about 20,000 jobs in the area. Our business name also has the “Finest” part, since the tunnel project company is named “FinestBay Area”). 

We are making a big impact on the society as a whole. So good stuff is happening!

Our work culture takes roots in Finland, the country with the highest standard in living and education. We treat everyone equally. We do not believe in hierarchy. We value people and personalities, not titles (although those are pretty cool too). 

As a team that is hungry to be the best and go where no one has gone before, we are now looking for our next superstar, to aid in our next evolutionary step. If you think you have what it takes, send the raven!

Come join us! 

This recruitment process takes about 2-4 weeks (we try to be fast as much as we can!):

  1. You will have a short call (5-10 min) with us

  2. You will have a 1 hour group interview with other candidates

  3. You will have a 1 hour individual interview

(Step 2 and 3 can switch place, depending on if we have good enough candidates for that group interview)

  1. Within two weeks, you will hear the results 

  2. Your work starts at a time both parties agreed on.

Come be awesome and build the company with us!

For more information or questions please contact us at

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Work life balance
Work life balance

Carve out time for your kids, friends and personal cider projects.

Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Time is precious. Make it count. Morning person or night owl, this job is for you.

Remote work allowed
Remote work allowed

You know how you perform best. Work from your couch, your favorite cafe or abroad when you feel like it.

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Finest Future

Finest Future has the ambition to create global growth through super connecting programs in the area of Education, Entrepreneurship and Entertainment. Since 2016, through various impactful projects, we have been attracting thousands of international talents and students into the Finest Bay Area to make the Finest Bay Area the most talent-dense in the whole world.

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