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Criipto provides Real Identity as a Service for developers. Our service is built by developers for developers.

Our goal is to give people and organizations back their dignity: Don’t be trolled, and always be able to prove your identity.

A few key principles guide our work:

  • If you think expertise is expensive, try ignorance.

  • Challenge conventional wisdom. Search for the other way, around established practices and vested interests.

  • Surveillance capitalism is bad for democracy, your dignity, and everything in-between.

We are very experienced in developing high-quality software and IT security - in all honesty, we know more about this than most. One co-founder is a nuclear physicist, and the other made software for spaceships. We are ready to teach you and support you with all you need to know about our domain.

The job to be done

We need better documentation, samples, how-to videos, and whatever is needed to make it even easier for developers to integrate and use our service.

Therefore we need you to develop samples, put them on GitHub, document the process, implement cool demos, and produce how-to guides. Anything to show the world - the world of fellow software developers, of course - just how easy our service is to use.

Your success will be measured by the interest in our content and the effectiveness of our pre-sales and developer support.

Could this be you?

To succeed you have some of these qualities and aspirations:

  • Keen interest and some experience in software development

  • Experience in front-end development

  • Like to write about software

  • You are or you want to become a recognized GitHub contributor

  • See yourself as a future developer at Criipto

  • or as a future growth marketeer at Criipto

If you can recognize yourself in this, then get in touch for a test of your abilities. We will agree on your task, which could be sketching an article about integrating an application to Criipto, programming a small demo app, or something else that demonstrates your abilities relative to this job.

What we offer

We are flexible regarding where, when - and even how much you work, although we prefer full time.

  • You can spend all or part of your time in our office in Holte (a mansion in the most beautiful spot on the lake)

  • Healthy and delicious lunch served every day by the chef downstairs

  • All the training you wish from Pluralsight and similar

  • The right equipment for the job. Most of us prefer Mac laptops with external keyboard and screens in the office, but that’s your call

  • If you grow with us, you may move to other roles such as product development, content production, growth marketing, …

  • A competitive salary

Send your resumé

If this sounds like you, send us your application, including some examples of similar projects if possible.

For more information or questions please contact us at

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Free lunch
Free lunch

Enjoy a free catered lunch with your colleagues, every day.

Working at
Criipto ApS

Criipto provides Identity as a Service for organizations that need to know the real identity of the users logging in to their web and mobile applications.  We integrate the various e-ID solutions, typically provided by banks and/or governments, such as Danish NemID - soon to become MitID - Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish BankID, etc. Criipto is a Copenhagen based company. We believe in equality, diversity and awesome work.

Read more about Criipto ApS

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