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IPRally is an AI startup from Helsinki with unique infrastructure and data challenges. We are building a graph-based search engine that transforms the way our customers get insights from patent data. With customers like Spotify and Finnish/Swedish patent offices, and with the latest €2M investment round, we are scaling up the team. We are looking for Cloud & DevOps Engineer to join our development team. You will be working in a software development team, building our cloud infrastructure and helping developers to implement, test and release software faster.

As an AI startup with SaaS product already widely in use, our infrastructure and development environments will provide challenges years to come. To tackle the complexity and ease the developers' pain, DevOps is making a huge difference with automated processes and stable continuous integration/delivery pipeline. Because we are building our application using state-of-the-art technology, such as explainable AI with a GPU-powered microservice in production, our cloud infrastructure offers unique possibilities to learn and grow.

The challenges

  • Keep the development process enjoyable and efficient with automation, developer tools and fast CI/CD pipeline. All while the team is growing fast!

  • Build foolproof cloud infrastructure and make it as cost efficient as possible. Our main production cluster is currently 112vCPUs and 734GB strong, and we need to make it count.

  • Our machine learning models and natural language processing is constantly improving. How can we build a pipeline for deploying new models?

  • We just bought 35TB of patent document images and hired an AI developer to play with them. We need to build a pipeline to ease the process of using images in machine learning applications.

  • Our customers are trusting us with their sensitive data. We need to keep it safe and secure.

The current technology and keywords

We are running microservices in Kubernetes clusters using Google Cloud with Kubernetes Engine. Our Python and Clojure(Script) applications are implemented within Scrum sprints and tested, built and deployed with CircleCI. Our database of choice is PostgreSQL, it grows daily as our data pipeline, using serverless Cloud Functions and Pub/Sub queues, imports thousands of new patent documents each day. We are using a Git monorepo for all of our projects.

You will be a great fit to our team if you are:

  • excited about DevOps and Cloud infrastructure.

  • interested in personal development and learning new things.

  • experienced with Kubernetes, containers and configuration tools.

  • familiar with modern software development practices and pain points.

  • efficient with English and enjoy working in a multicultural fast-paced work environment.

  • located within a travel distance from Helsinki. Being able to spend a few on-site days in the office is appreciated.


  • A rare opportunity to join an early stage, disruptive company that has a unique edge, ambitious plans and an already proven record of success in a growing $2bn industry.

  • Opportunities to grow as we grow. We will help you be the best you can be in this role, and help you develop skills that will help you reach the next stage, or a different role if that is what your long term goals are.

  • A compelling and competitive financial package.

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Time is precious. Make it count. Morning person or night owl, this job is for you.

Free coffee / tea
Free coffee / tea

Get your caffeine fix to get you started and keep you going.

Near public transit
Near public transit

Easy access and treehugger friendly workplace.

Skill development
Skill development

We want to take you from good to great.

Paid holiday
Paid holiday

Metropolitists, beach boys and mountaineers we salute you and pay you to go and explore the world.

Gym access
Gym access

Short, tall, skinny, chubby we like you just as you are. But if you dream about a bum like J-Lo we got you covered.

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IPRally Technologies Oy

IPRally is an AI startup solving the patent search with a new kind of graph-based approach. There is a huge need for better search, as the data is exploding. In 2018 there were 3.3 million new patent applications, 5.2% more than a year before. In the bigger picture we aim to change how technology is searched, and speed up the progress of everything.

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