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Co-founder for business development, with intellect, passion and sense of humor, is wanted by Wise Jester, working on an intelligent computational humor-based change agent IIB

I have just embodied my long-term well-thought dream IIB into a blind, game-theory driven, humor-based computational change agent as something large that needs many people to run and deliver.

IIB is made for:

1) individual professionals: operative workers, leaders, nerds, creators, misfits, youth or elderly, intuitive introverts, or the people wishing sudden changes but who are afraid to look stupid; people who think that their CV are incoherent; people needing sudden help at work without waiting; people involved in parallel projects; people who want to decide over their professional path by themselves

2) non-hierarchic collaborations of individual professionals which they create on their own, based on their needs in intellectual capital and knowledge diversity, for hybridization of competencies, while dealing with uncertainty by harnessing it, and generation of holistic mindset - for achieving ambitious visions

IIB is and will be producing change agents: inconvenient, but necessary people.

IIB applies humor science and computation for dealing with the processes of rupture under uncertainty and in need of fluid intellect at diverse collaboration forms by making them emerge and approached in a data-driven manner, without any human mediators. Collaborations through IIB, without centralized control, can now be created flat and self-organized bottom-up, not top-down, and support interactions based on hybrid competencies, making IIB a facilitator for high-risk technologies. IIB provides chances of getting noticed and appreciated in unique strengths of the users by themselves actively, without interferences in-between, and get contacted by collaborators in specifically exciting transformation processes and in need; and vice versa! There are no bosses and any strategic friends as users in the IIB system because it is a blind machine to any statuses, faces and id, exterminating need of “selling yourself”. IIB is universal and domain-neutral.

IIB supports experimental environments, known as "cultures of failure", which treat any feedback in pushing forward their vision as new data. That is why humor is key here. The style of IIB is punk rock.

I have wonderful collaborators. We have built the first version of the product, which is being UX tested. Now I need a co-founder, with whom I will work for developing the business: somebody I can trust and who will be dedicated to the work 100%, just like I am.

As a founder of Wise Jester and a creator of IIB, I have done very much to realize it. I succeeded in getting funded by Innovation Norway, and I also invested in the work the bootstrapped funding that I have. The frontiers are clear, and very much is ahead. We should be several to conquer the uncharted territories, invest our hearts, capital, and energy in the fun, clever solution.

I see my co-founder to be:

  • Passionately and, hopefully, professionally interested in humor

  • Being good in computational logic

  • Being ethical, honest, direct, and kind person

  • Willing to work hard in tight union with me, who is the founder and the main force in raising up IIB

  • Thinking large-scale and have interest in the international environment

  • Having experimental mindset, flexible and fast

We will be developing the business, and test a set of scenarios that it can take, expand the user communication channels and reach, improve the solution, and test it all the way while adding new features. Holacracy is where we go. You shall also be in-depth aware of game theory and networks, and blockchain!

If you are like that, please, apply. To help yourself with understanding the work, please, check out these sources:

IIB in its first complete version: https://intellectualandimmaterialbank.com/

Wise Jester: https://www.wisejester.org/

Vision: https://zenodo.org/record/4293529

Philosophy: https://zenodo.org/record/3350878

Anna Zaytseva, Wise Jester

+ 47 998 52 857

For more information or questions please contact us at annza944@gmail.com or phone number 99852857

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Skill development
Skill development

We want to take you from good to great.

Remote work allowed
Remote work allowed

You know how you perform best. Work from your couch, your favorite cafe or abroad when you feel like it.

Equity package
Equity package

Want to be a partner? Look no further.

Working at
Wise Jester

Wise Jester is working on a computational science-driven humor-based change agent IIB. IIB by Wise Jester is to: - facilitate formation of emerging competencies by triggering playfulness, risk appetence, showing initiative and learning - facilitate emergence of self-organized non-hierarchic collaborations - discover, attract and retain misfits, capable of dealing with clashes and breaking frames for successful change - provide free movement of intellectual and immaterial values in parallel collaborative processes - help independent and collaborative professionals treat uncertainty as opportunities and surprises …all that made by humor, funny, neutral simple jokes, were no unnecessary information – any facial data, unrelated to being capable – is ever needed, …where both sides of the interaction – persons and collaborative environments – are treated in symmetry for their spontaneous, imperfect, but stimulating self-organization Our customers are so-called “cultures of failure”: that is the environments that treat failure as new, real-world data.

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