CTO Co-founder for blue ocean company - remote

Salary Competitive
Equity 50%
Oamo is the concept for a blue ocean company, based on an old, enormous industry with low competition, that has yet stayed unchanged for thousands of years, www.blueoceanstrategy.com/what-is-blue-ocean-strategy/. With the current resources that I have from my already existing marketplace, I project that Oamo can be taken from concept to the market, within 3-6 months, without necessarily having to go through the MVP-phase. This is furthermore reasoned from my knowledge of the targeted market.

Who am I looking for?

I am looking for a full-stack developer who will either help copy and customize my other marketplace and the resources of that company, to make it a new experience for the different market, and make Oamo ready for the market. Or, build the marketplace from scratch in programs that you are more familiar with. A team is already available from my other company if you choose the latter option.

It will be a major plus if you have a sense of sleek design, nevertheless, it is not required.

As a CTO Co-founder

You will be given 50% ownership of the company. The company does not have an office. Work will therefore be conducted remotely. Meeting in person is also a possibility.


If you are interested in interviewing for this position and hearing more about the company concept, the resources that are already available, and much more, then please, note that I would prefer that you are willing to enter an NDA, for all of the information that is brought up during the interview that is not publicly available, and a non-compete clause for 12 months for this specific type of marketplace.

For more information or questions please contact us at sacbot1@gmail.com

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Time is precious. Make it count. Morning person or night owl, this job is for you.

Equity package
Equity package

Want to be a partner? Look no further.

Remote work allowed
Remote work allowed

You know how you perform best. Work from your couch, your favorite cafe or abroad when you feel like it.

Work life balance
Work life balance

Carve out time for your kids, friends and personal cider projects.

Working at

Oamo is a company concept for a blue ocean company - a marketplace based on an old and enormous industry, that has yet stayed unchanged for thousands of years. Please, see the CTO co-founder job opening for further information into the conceptualization of the company as well as further information about the position itself.

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