Frontend Developer

Hunomics Ltd Helsinki Part-time
Salary Unpaid
Equity To be negotiated
Hunome (Hunomics Ltd) helps humanity make sense of itself with a web-based tool and platform. We are a team of 10 with designers, product manager/owners, devs, data scientist, behavioural scientist, marketing... We are a remote and diverse team (although most in Finland) and with that we assist autonomy and alignment with our tools and methods. Our focus is global from day one with our B2C2B data-play platform. All in the team are working shareholders.

Do you love building a new modern web application in a collaborative environment? 

Do you think that it might be helpful to make a difference in how humanity understands humanity?

If yes, then please do get in touch. The world needs you!


The position is for a front end developer who takes responsibility of developing new UI features for better user experience of our service.


We offer for you a chance to make it big, as a direct shareholder, when we all as a team pull it off. The potential for vast global impact is there, for us to realise. Now it still a great time to join for the direct shareholding.


Technology and development environment

Our team has all aspects of a startup covered but seeks reinforcements in the development team to add to the expertise around JavaScript, HTML and CSS and React.


Also, we work with agile methodologies, especially Scrum. If you have a working experience with tools such as GitHubJira and Confluence, that's considered positive.


Working conditions

  • 20hrs per week on average

  • Remote team - mostly living in Finland

  • We use English as a working language


  • Essential Skills:

    • Experience in delivering high quality, testable and maintainable code with JavaScript, HTML, CSS and React

    • Experience in generic SQL

    • Experience of full product development lifecycle from capturing requirements to design to implementation, testing and QA

    • Ability to work independently as part of a Scrum team

  • Desirable:

    • Experience in UX design / UI design

    • Experience in a startup


We have a team who seek their daily bread from other sources and their future potential with Hunome.


Naturally, once we have successfully executed the MVP and growth towards our public launch (2020), then we seek funding and will pay salaries.


We come together as a team every six to eight weeks in weekend Playshops in Helsinki and otherwise use Slack, Trello and more to ensure we all stay informed and aligned.

For more information or questions please contact us at

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Equity package
Equity package

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Working at
Hunomics Ltd

Hunome (our product name) revolutionises understanding of our humanness, who and why we humans are, by connecting humankind´s collective knowledge and experience on what it means to be human on a web-based platform. Hunome helps humanity make sense of itself for better decisions in many contexts (B2C2B). MVP in 2020. Our team is very strong in startup, commercial, product, technical and design experience.

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