Backend developer Trondheim Cofounder
Salary Unpaid
Equity 4%
Vision: is to build a meaningful platform where we challenge todays notion that death is inevitable. As a specie we need to unite and work alongside scientists in the pursuit of finding the reasoning why we die so young. At we aim to transform the physical grave to become a wholehearted place for families to experience their loved ones, and to reconnect with their own mission in this reality. As CTO you are responsible for the digital framework surrounding this mission. is build in Ruby On Rails and we require an expert in such language. One of our foundational blocks are freedom, so you are free to work when and wherever you want. However, such freedom needs to be connected to mutual goals and development roadmap. SCRUM framework would be a suggested method and we hope you are familiar with SCRUM project methodology. During the initial phase our workplace would be in Trondheim, Norway.

For more information or questions please contact us at or phone number 45007009

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Equity package
Equity package

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We are renewing the physical grave to improve how we meet the needs death leaves us with. The first step is to prolong the physical grave and make it available online. Inside, families and friends find graves by searching on deceased name. That empowers people with freedom, to visit the grave when they feel for it.

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