Account executive (Swedish market)

Salary Competitive
Are you looking to take a solid step forward in your career? This could be it. We are looking to hire highly ambitious, open-minded candidates who will take on one hell of a challenge to progress their career - and fast. The opportunity we're talking about is just the beginning. This will hone in on your interpersonal skills, develop your negotiation tactics, and skill you up in the wonderful world of startup sales.

The proposed career path is where you start as an Account Executive, and can develop yourself into an Account Manager and then even team lead. However, the possibilities are endless.

Where you take it next is up to you. Perhaps you'd like to have international opportunities through our different locations, or maybe you'd prefer to be involved on the hiring and onboarding of new hires. Maybe what excites you most is getting onto the stage and building yourself as a thought leader in fintech. These are just some of the ways we've seen our sales team develop themselves.

This highly ambitious role is not for the faint-hearted. The personal - and company - growth curve you'll see is comparable to none. This is a role where autonomy is not only encouraged, but also required. And the most exciting part? You'll be a part of building the future of work.


What's the product?

We are Pleo - it's a part of who we are as a tech company. We help customers to delegate employee spending through a business spending platform. This ends out of pocket spending, encourages autonomy and trust in employees, and takes a huge burden off the finance team. You'll be selling the SaaS tool (expensing platform) that comes with physical pre-paid cards (so with a fintech twist) that are then distributed to all employees of the company. The best part is we're all users of Pleo ourselves - so it's a very applicable tool. It impacts anyone in a company who could spend money on behalf of their business - be it a coffee with clients or a Mac for a new hire.


What does it revolve around?

For us, the most important stakeholders are our users. We have a very special relationship with them - we even build most of our product features based on what they're looking for. We get so excited when our clients share their unboxing of their Pleo cards on LinkedIn, and see how dramatically Pleo can solve their pains. We as employees also share our own pains, and then we come together to try and solve them.

As an Account Executive your primary point of contact are the Pleo admins. These are the CFOs, CEOs, MDs, Operations Directors and everyone else who might be the decision maker in regards to the spending policy in a company. We ensure that our Pleo admins are knowledgeable about the product and equipped to roll out our product to all their employees. You should be able to and feel comfortable speaking to everyone - your touch points will range from Financial Assistants and interns to CFOs and MDs.


What's up to me?

Pretty simply - to bring the good news of Pleo to your country, and get them to use it. The nice thing is there's so much freedom here. If you're an expert outbounder - do that. If you're a genius with email outreach, go that way. You will have targets of new active users - but how you get them is up to you. You'll also be supported by marketing - who deliver warm leads straight into your pipe (at a above-industry-standard rate).


What markets are we in?

Great question! We currently service over 4000 clients in Denmark, UK, and now even Sweden and Germany. Saying that, Pleo users can (and have) used their cards all over the world - from Québec to Cape Town!


Sweden, you say? 🇾đŸ‡Ș

Demand from our Danish customers has also lead a lot of requests for Pleo in Sweden. This is why we have opened our brand new office in Stockholm to service the Swedish market. If you're ready to bring the end to expensing pains to Sweden put down that knäckebröd with Bregott and apply now!


The skills you need to master this role

  • Native / native-level fluency in Swedish

  • Ambition - lots of it

  • Optimistic leadership - the ability to trust in the rest of the team and bring out the best in them

  • Winning attitude - knowing that there are easy days and hard days and the ability to get through them both

  • Exceptional people skills: strong listening abilities, empathy, and genuine and flowing curiosity to learn more about the people you are interacting with.

  • Desire to challenge customers to thinking in new & different ways. You dare to stand up for what you believe in and argue for your vision.

  • Strong inner motivation paired with a positive mindset (it's the key to hitting targets 🎯).

  • An entrepreneurial mindset and interest in macro trends & innovation

  • Great communication skills

  • Time management

  • Humility. You ask "How can I create and build more value here?" rather than "What's in it for me?"

  • Ability to work in a high energy sales environment đŸ”„


Your colleagues say you

  • Work in English with ease

  • Are easy to work with

  • Leave no lead unturned

  • Are a team player - we have no room for sharp elbows or politics in our sales teams

  • Share knowledge

  • Ask for feedback all the time

  • Are a person they would also enjoy having a coffee with (virtual or not)


Your mom says that you

  • Don't need to be told twice to get things done

  • Take on challenges

  • Put on a brave smile even when you don't want to

  • Were always going to make her proud (moms)


Show me the benefits!

  • Get your own Pleo card for no out of pocket spending, and full autonomy

  • Flexible work: working from home when you want, where you want, why you want to (we trust you)

  • Continual learning & development opportunities

  • Team camps around the world - remotes flown in (around once a quarter) for team building and learning - next one's in Berlin, just saying!

  • A competitive warrant programme in line with your salary

Working at Pleo means you're working on something very exciting: the future of work. Through fintech we've seen a way to impact how people work; we think company spending should be delegated to all employees and teams, that it should be as automated as possible, and that it should drive a culture of responsible spending.

Being HQ'd out of Copenhagen means we're inspired by sensible things like a good work-life balance, whether our office is in Copenhagen or not.


Sometimes, people write nice things about us:

Check out Techcrunch's latest article on Pleo here:


Check out how our customers feel about Pleo on Trustpilot here:


See an unboxing of Pleo by one of our new customers here:


And a sneak peek into what happens when get together for Pleo Team Camp 👇

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Time is precious. Make it count. Morning person or night owl, this job is for you.

Free coffee / tea
Free coffee / tea

Get your caffeine fix to get you started and keep you going.

Social gatherings
Social gatherings

Social gatherings and games; hang out with your colleagues.

Near public transit
Near public transit

Easy access and treehugger friendly workplace.

Pension plan
Pension plan

We take care of you, even when you are old and wrinkly.

Maternity / paternity leave
Maternity / paternity leave

Kids are the future, go spend time with them.

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Working at

Have you ever needed to buy something for work, only to find yourself dreading the inevitable paperwork that comes with it? That's what we're fixing - and more. Pleo is a business spending platform that allows employees to ditch paper receipts and expense reports, and companies to easily delegate spending, build a trusting organisation and embrace the future of work. Simply pay with the Pleo prepaid Mastercard, get notified on your phone, take a picture of the receipt and you’re done! Pleo is just a concept without our people. Despite our upbringings, backgrounds, or lifestyles, we share the same set of values that mold us together and helps us to mold the company we want to be. We celebrate trust and transparency, and it is a matter of the heart for us to make every employee feel empowered and comfortable with their work environment.

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