We are looking for a SEO and Analytics Intern who can grow our raking on Google

Salary Unpaid

A rare opportunity to combine your interest in SEO and Analytics with your love of snow!

Calling all passionate skiers and snowboarders looking to not enter the 9-5 work-life but instead be part of a global platform about to take off. Want to join a team where we are an equal opportunity employer and where having fun, freedom, and responsibility goes hand in hand? Passionate about skiing or snowboarding then it is even better? Come join us!


What We Are Looking For

We are looking at a person that can analyze our website seen from an SEO perspective and based on that give recommendations to what we need to work on to improve our SEO. You are a person who needs to understand SEO from a business perspective but also a technical perspective so you are kind of the glue between our Marketing team and our Tech team. You also know how to analyze Google Analytics numbers .

Depending on your profile we will find out the right department for you to be part of.

We are also looking for a person that find SEO and Analytics super interesting and you constantly keep yourself updated on the latest within these areas.

You need to be super analytical.


Your tasks

For the next 3 months, we are looking to have our user growth skyrocket. We need to go from "few" to MANY visitors, aiming to grow exponentially month on month.

To make this happen you will work in close collaboration with our Marketing and development team to find out how we can be the best within SEO and Analytics.

So you will keep looking at what we have and what we should do to become even better.


Who Are We?

Almost all in our team have a passion for skiing/snowboarding and we would love you to be the same. Our team is global with most of the team based around Copenhagen. In total, we are +25 people. In the current situation, we work 100% virtually. We meet virtually anytime needed and we constantly work - individually or as a team for the same goal.

We have built a platform with more than 14000 ratings from users all over the world and we have our first paying clients.


You can see the platform here: www.ratoong.com


Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Time is precious. Make it count. Morning person or night owl, this job is for you.

Social gatherings
Social gatherings

Social gatherings and games; hang out with your colleagues.

Equity package
Equity package

Want to be a partner? Look no further.

Working at

RATOONG is an early stage start-up working to improve the way we find ski resorts and rate them. We aim to become the global platform with-in the ski community of approx. 120 mill potential users. We completely change the way you today search for a ski destination or how you decide where to go. We will also revolutionize way ski-resorts are rated today.Our core team so far consist of skiers but we are looking to expand the team and therefore we might want you. Ratoong manifesto! Our overall purpose is to make the whole skiing eco-system thrive and grow so that as many people as possible can enjoy the amazing experience of skiing/snowboarding (in the following just called skiing). Skiing is unique because it offers an amazing way to play, exercise, be together, compete, relax, and enjoy nature. Riding in the snow should make you #smilieinthesnow - one day without a good laugh or smile is a wasted day ⚖ We believe in sustainability - we support our users and the industry is changing the industry to operate with sustainable strategies and behavior ⚖ We believe in diversity - regardless of gender, identification, or cultural background ⚖ We are open to all cultures - the world is better if we all just get along ⚖ We are passionate about what we do - we want this to spread to everyone around us including our users and business partners ⚖ All we do is based on our users - we are user-centric to the extreme. We believe that the user experience should always be our first priority and that this approach will always be the most profitable for Ratoong ⚖ We collaborate and support each other - life is better when we work together and share successes and pains alike ⚖ We always welcome people with warmth and a smile - in all our communication ways ⚖ We are open and honest and treat others with respect ⚖ Flexibility in our daily work life is essential - getting freedom is obvious but it goes hand in hand with showing responsibility ⚖ All destinations hold unique qualities and all will thrive from feedback from users ⚖ We only use ads/commercials in select sections of our platform ⚖ We aim to be objective in all we do - e.g. our data specifically can not be altered, excluded, or incorrectly influenced by partners or for financial gain. ⚖

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