Lead Programmer

Wattero Oslo Full-time
Salary Competitive
Equity To be negotiated
Wattero is a company that works toward bringing access to clean energy to people around the world. As the Lead Programmer, you will be in charge of the company's technological needs, such as programming and implement an energy marketplace with all the necessary functions. By joining Wattero, you will get to explore all areas of the company and challenge yourself!

Job Description Lead Programmer 

Key areas of responsibilities: 

Specify the programming language and take part in the feature design process

Lead the programming work

Programme and implement an energy marketplace with all the necessary functions

Integration with relevant third party software and hardware

Ensure secure and proper handling of sensitive data

Description of role:

This is both a strategic and operational: with team and workflow management, taking part in the overall design process of the product, as well as programming, working with integration and handling data. It also includes handling any potential third-party development work and being the contact person with such partners. 


Previous coding experience, including knowledge of Java and Javascript

A short assessment test might be required

Have previous experience working as part of a team. 

Have good English language skills. Any other language is a bonus. 

Personal qualities: 

Good cooperative skills: able to work with both the CTO and the rest of the development team

Good communication skills: able to convey the vision and strategic direction of the product to the rest of the development team 

Getting things done: able to prioritize tasks and postpone less important ones


Take part in designing features and deciding programming languages: 

Decide which programming languages are to be used

Together with CTO set the vision and strategy for the product

Be part of the design process and help decide which features to include

Lead the programming work: 

Responsible for the development process and workflow

Development of the software and implementation of features

Handling of 3rd party development where applicable

Integration with third parties: 

Hardware integration with router/control unit and meters

Software integration with third-party software

Handle data integration

Handling of sensitive data: 

Ensure confidential information is sufficiently secure and handled responsibly

Ensure internal systems are secure, i.e. internal communication and tools used

Measures of success:

The development time for the software solution

Quality of the software developed

Security of systems and confidential information

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Time is precious. Make it count. Morning person or night owl, this job is for you.

Near public transit
Near public transit

Easy access and treehugger friendly workplace.

Social gatherings
Social gatherings

Social gatherings and games; hang out with your colleagues.

Equity package
Equity package

Want to be a partner? Look no further.

Free friday beers
Free friday beers

Friday is something special, let's enjoy a beer together.

Working at

Wattero is developing peer to peer energy solutions for those that lack access to electricity. Together with our local partners, we identify the areas without connection to the power grid and offer affordable and high-quality solar solutions with flexible payment plans and a market system where customers can sell their surplus power to their neighbor via mobile. The co-founders of Wattero are two Norwegian recent graduates from NTNU and University of Oslo interested in social issues and traveling. We started Wattero because there is energy poverty in the world and we see the possibilities in ending this. Also, starting a business is cool! In addition to the co-founders, we also have Patricia from Brazil who is responsible for Marketing and Kjersti from Norway who is in charge of Business Development. We are currently expanding our team and we hope to find both a talented CTO and CFO. We are looking for ambitious students or graduates who are motivated to learn new things, are independent and want to work with microgrid in areas without power.We work hard during the day like to change up the working environment and happily have an after-work beer together.

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