Esports Caster/Commentator

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Want to start your career as a professional esports caster? Challengermode, one of the world’s leading amateur esports platforms is looking for dedicated casters to join the team.

Based in Stockholm and running our tournaments on European servers mainly, the job is most suited to people able to work in and around the 18.00 to 00.00 CEST time frame, although we are open to discussing specific hours.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Watch this video to see what we've done in the past - and what you will be able to do as a Challengermode caster.


Skills & Requirements

  • Good quality Internet connection and hardware.
  • Familiarity with the required tools and software applications necessary to produce live streams (OBS etc).
  • Great grasp of English and the ability to present yourself in a fun but mature manner.
  • A good knowledge of the game or games in question. Including the meta, strategy, game characters, maps etc.
  • Reliability
  • Previous casting experience isn’t a requirement but would be a bonus.


About the company

At, dedicated gamers are able to play high-quality matches and tournaments in competitive esports games for money and prizes. Our mission is to make esports the biggest sport in the world. We do this by monetizing esports and by building the fundamental infrastructure required to organize the esports community.

Working at

Challengermode is a third-party web platform where dedicated gamers can compete in computer games, solo or in teams, with monetary (and other) rewards. Our vision is to create the most accessible competitive gaming experience online by bringing together gamers, game makers and esports organizers on one platform.

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