Headhunter - Terms and Conditions

Last updated 20.02.2024

The following terms and conditions govern the relationship between You (hereinafter the “The Customer”) and the The Hub (hereinafter the “Service Provider”), together referred to as “The Parties”, in relation to the purchases of services described here;

1. Background

1.1. The Hub is a recruitment platform (The Platform) for startups and scale-ups in the Nordic region, connecting prospective employees with employers through job ads and sophisticated recruitment services. In addition to free and paid job advertisements, The Hub offers headhunting services in the form of the Headhunter product, The Service.

1.2. The Customer has agreed to purchase The Service from The Service Provider as further specified in these Terms & Conditions.  

1.3. For general usage of The Platform the General Terms & Condition and Privacy conditions on www.thehub.io apply. These terms and conditions govern the relationship between The Parties related to the purchase of The Service.

2. The Service

2.1. The Service consists of a number of added services in addition to the free services on the platform as further specified here.

2.2. The Service Provider will allocate a dedicated Recruitment Success Manager (“The RSM”) to proactively work to fill the job listing and aid the Customer in the recruitment process.The RSM will, based on agreed upon guidelines between The Parties, filter out and reject candidates that are unqualified for the job listing, review and optmize the job description for optimal applicant conversion and will, trough active outreach, target active and passive talent relevant for the job listing on The Platform to encourage these to apply for the job listing.

2.3. The job listing will be featured and highlighted in search results to stand out from other job listings and shared in selected email alerts in accordance with the current standards for how a job listing is featured on The Platform.

3. Definitions

3.1. Successful Hire: If the Customer hires a candidate for the specific Job listing this is considered a Successful hire except in the circumstances listed in 3.2 below. Additionally, any applicant generated through The Service resulting in a hire for any position(s) by The Customer within 24 months following the Job listing is considered a successful hire. For the purpose of clarity, several candidates might therefore be deemed as Successful hires.

3.2. External Hire: If The Customer hires a candidate that has applied for the job listing through other sources than The Platform such as, but not limited to, personal network, The Customer's website or other recruitment platforms this is considered an External Hire. If The Customer claims that a Successful Hire is in fact an External Hire, The Customer needs to explicitly document the referral of the application prior to the candidate’s application on The Platform. External Hire is not triggered if The Customer hires a candidate that applied for the job listing prior to The Service commencement date, given that The Customer can clearly document the timing of such application. The Service Provider remains the right to refuse any such propositions that it deems insufficiently documented, but will go to great lengths to be reasonable in any such claims made by The Customer. 

3.3. Non-Hire: If The Service does not result in The Customer hiring a suitable candidate through The Platform. If The Service duration exceeds 12 weeks, The Customer is obliged to inform The Service Provider in writing that no candidate has been hired for the job listing, othwise a Successful Hire will be attributed to The Service.

4. Customer obligations: 

Until a successful hire has been established The Customer is obliged to;

4.1. Provide The Service Provider with the necessary documentation and information to perform The Service.

4.2. Review, consider and process all relevant candidates provided by The Service Provider.

4.3. Follow up on processes and action items agreed upon in writing with RSM.

4.4. Respond to requests from the RSM within reasonable time.

5. Price, payment & refund

5.1. The Service is a no-cure, no-pay service with the following pricing with reference to definitions in §3;

5.1.1. Price Successful hire: NOK 29 990, SEK 29 990, DKK 19 990, EUR 2690

5.1.2. Price External hire: 50% of the price for a Successful hire.

5.1.3. Price Non-Hire: No charge.

5.2. The Service is either  paid by card, upfront, through the platform or by issuance of an invoice after a successful hire has been established.

5.3. In circumstances of External hires or Non-Hiires, upfront payments will be refunded accordingly.  

6. Termination & Cancellation

6.1. If The Customer decides to stop the recruitment process for any reasons not controllable by The Service Provider or the customer breaches its obligation listed in §4 this is considered a Customer Cancellation. The Customer will be liable to pay a cancellation fee of 50% of the Price of a Successful hire. 

6.2. The Service Provider may terminate The Service with two weeks written notice without reasoning. The Customer is not required to pay whenever The Service is canceled by The Service Provider. 

7. Disclaimers, liabilities and privacy

7.1. The Service Provider can not guarantee for specific results related to any services from The Platform unless explicitly specified in the terms and conditions and/or contract with the Customer.

7.2. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, The Service Provider is not liable to The Customer in respect of any loss or damage The Customer suffers in connection with this agreement and The Service provided by The Service Provider. 

8. Other       

8.1. This agreement is interpreted and enforced in accordance with the law of the place where The Customer is located if the customer is located in Norway, Sweden, Finland or Denmark (The Nordics). In circumstances where The Customer is located outside the Nordics, Norwegian law will apply. All dispute resolution proceedings will be conducted in the country, state or province in accordance with the above. If any provision of these terms and conditions is held void or unenforceable under the applicable law, the other provisions shall remain in force.