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BHJ Fonden

Are you a company, organization or individual that contributes tothe UN's SDG Goals? If so, take the chance to win the BHJ Foundation's Initiative Award! This initiative calls for those who have developed products, services, competencies or knowledge that contribute to the sustainable agenda.

Jannik Kruse Petersen

Jannik has been involved since 1992 as owner, board member, director and real owner in 22 different Danish companies. Jannik is currently active in 89 companies and holds 2 directorships and 7 board positions.

Walsh & Co.

Walsh & Co. is a one-man-band, that combines experience from; marketing, design and tech, with a growth mindset. Looking for a opportunities within early-stage startups - ideally a combination of financial investment and sweat-equity.

Kim Junge

I am a senior Sales Professional with substantial experience in leadership roles, in sales & marketing roles, and in local and global organisations. - primarily in the IT industry I do bring experience from a previous role as board member in a Danish IT company

DTU Science Park

The leading deep tech incubator in Denmark! DTU Science Park with Futurebox is the leading Danish deep tech and hardware incubator and accelerator. We supply strong mentors, business developers, tech advisors, investors, acceleration programs, access to fundraising and DTU.

Expon Capital

A VC firm based in Luxembourg, investing in ambitious startups addressing at least one of the UN SDG goals.

Kristian Hvid Jakobsen

Kristian has been involved since 2001 as owner, director, real owner and board member in 7 different Danish companies. Kristian is currently active in 6 companies and holds 2 directorships and 1 board position.

Voluntas Holding

Voluntas Holding er et familieejet investeringsselskab med midtjyske rødder, der investerer i startups og mindre virksomheder. Med baggrund i et netop gennemført generationsskifte, ser vi os som en ”2-generations investor” med kompetencer i nutidens behov, kombineret med mange års erfaring i forretningsudvikling og internationalisering. Selskabet er ejet af Mogens Olsen og sønnerne Marc og Lasse Olsen, som begge er aktive i selskabet – deraf: ”3 investorer, 2 generationer, 1 familie”. Vores investeringsstrategi fokuserer ikke på bestemte brancher/forretningsmodeller, fordi interesse- og kompetencefeltet spænder bredt. Udviklingsmuligheder, købmandskab og god kemi med en kompetent ledelse vil være de afgørende faktorer i vores investeringsbeslutninger. Vi investerer både som enkeltstående investor samt i syndikater – gerne i et længevarende samarbejde og kun en exit-strategi, når og hvis det giver mening. Som investeringspartner kan vi tilbyde +30 års erfaring med egne startups, sourcing i Asien og Østeuropa, internationalisering, vedholdenhed, vilje og solid sparring i en afslappet atmosfære. Involveringen fra vores side vil afhænge af den enkelte investering, men vi vil altid gå ydmygt til samarbejdet med stor respekt for iværksætteren. Sidst men ikke mindst, har vi en grundlæggende passion for iværksætteri og startups, som vi ser frem til at bringe i spil i nye partnerskaber.

Martin Hoffmann

Business Angel with +10 years from large coorporations within Strategy, Business Development, Financial Management, Finance etc. - investing in early stage startups

Alexander Lundkvist

Investor based in Copenhagen with a background in law and prior startup experience within the FinTech space.

Adopteq Invest

We like to get in early, probably at the stage where your business is still an idea or at least pre-seed. The core values that we bring to the table is Decades of experience and deep technical expertise, perhaps to build the first version (Beta), or take your beta to the next level. We can also together with like-minded Angel investors or VC´s bring the first capital needed to launch your products and get the first paying customers.

Jakob Alexander Arnby

We are investing in innovative ideas and concepts we can grow together with our team. Please visit my LinkedIn profile. 🧰 Business Developer 🤝 Strategic Partnerships ♻️ Sales Management ⚙️ Consulting 🏦 Investor

Jesper Lohmann

We are a Copenhagen based venture capital company, investing in outstanding ICT companies with proof of product, 1st. class management and scalable business models. We work actively to ignite and enhance growth within our portfolio companies - through business development, internationalization and acquisitions Over the last 10 years we have executed more than 40 investment cycles, transforming companies – and eventually exited our investments through trade sales or market listings.

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