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Karl Pedersen and Hustrus Industrifond

Karl Pedersen and Hustrus Industrifond each year allocates a total of DKK 1.5–5 million for projects that benefit Danish exports. In particular, the Fund will support cross-border projects partnership between multiple parties that are traditionally divided and usually do not want to work together. Projects must benefit the wider community, and this is typically done through collaboration between diverse parties - for example universities and companies, or different types of organizations.


We invest in seed and pre-seed rounds in ambitious companies that want to solve big issues, that can radically improve an industry and the world. We prefer to invest in people who have not taken the traditional beaten path in life and can see the world differently.

Thomas Walle

Thomas is the CEO and Co-Founder of Unacast, the US-based leading human mobility data company who empower companies globally to make smarter decisions and build better products by understanding how people move around on our planet.

Jannick Lindberg

Investor and entrepreneur Founder and owner of:

Peter Dalgas

+25 years of experience in international IT leadership, including high growth and building high potential sales teams that always achieve. My preferred way of executing comes with a structured approach; analyze, plan, execute and follow-up. I enjoy a fast pace environment and understand how to quickly identify and execute opportunities that will deliver the numbers.


At the Danish Energy Agency we make a difference every day. In Denmark and in countries around the world. We see climate change as the biggest task we have to help solve. We know we need to think ambitiously, and we know we need to think new. Our goal is a smart, green transition where Denmark is ahead and Danish experience is applied globally. Where new solutions and a secure supply come together.

Jens Egelund

Jens has been involved since 2011 as owner, director, real owner and board member in 5 different Danish companies. Jens is currently active in 3 companies and holds 1 director post and 2 board positions.

Jonas Pilgaard

I am a passionate and disciplined entrepreneur with years of experience driving impactful start-ups to international growth and successful exits. I am driven by making a difference in the world and am impatient by nature. I stand on a strong family foundation, which provides the support needed to give my all to ensuring companies succeed.

Michael Dal

Commercial mindset with an innovative approach, experience within both BtC and BtB, drive, execution power, ambition to make a difference, collaborative working approach looking for companies with a Strong, ambitious and realistic founder team with an indisputable ability to execute. Focus on companies with a strong desire to make a sustainable change creating value for society


We build businesses with founders. We are looking for missionary entrepreneurs with a humble drive and passion to deliver value to customers. We are industry agnostic and work with B2B and B2C companies. Your business can range from an idea stage to a well-funded growth company.

Martin Robert Knudsen

Analytical mind, business oriented mindset, and passionately changing society as an angel investor and through voluntary work with Coding Pirates and Danish Astronautical Society. Looking for clients with investment decisions ahead of them. Looking for startups, that will benefit from the interdisciplinary approach I offer. Looking for businesses in need of a proactive and creative boardmember Strong scientific background and 15+ years of results in business development and investments. The voluntary work keeps me grounded and in touch with passionate people and kids.

Marko J Koski

Focus on cleantech, energytech, but not not unfamiliar with other industries. Looking forward to hear from exiting new technologies and solutions.

Niels Meldgaard

Experienced executive in the insurance industry. Business development, portfolio management, developing customer services, processes, products and organisations.

Pale Fire Capital

We are a private equity fund supporting technological innovation. We are building a strong partnership with the founder to help expand and overcome the barriers and ceilings that growing companies face. We use everything we have learned in 20 years to build successful companies and want to build strong companies with you on a solid foundation. The socially beneficial overlap of our activities is also important to us. By now, you have a growing project. However, you want to get to a higher level and find that you need help. Organizing a larger team is not as easy as a single office project. You need contacts, financial, human and strategic support to expand in the current market or to new regions. You are ready to move up a level. And that's what we're here for. We can adapt to the size of the project and provide investment and strategic involvement tailored. Come talk to us.

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