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Atomico invests in innovative technology companies that are on their way to becoming category leaders. They focus exclusively on the technology sector. It is a venture capital that does seed, early stage venture, later stage venture and private equity investments.

Joachim Gerlach

I am a positive, engaging, strategic and motivating individual with a can-do attitude and a will to win. I thrive on creating results through people - preferably in a start up / scale up like environment with an informal work culture. I build long lasting relationships and I am excellent at getting people on-board, both employees and customers. I excel in shaping, presenting, packaging and negotiating deals for maximizing customer satisfaction and revenue for the company.


Sting (Stockholm Innovation & Growth) is a Stockholm-based ecosystem for tech startups. It includes an incubator, an accelerator, financing, recruitment support, co-working spaces and a large international network.

KTH Chalmers Capital

KTH Chalmers Capital assists exceptional entrepreneurs who have interesting technologies and attractive business models and are in the early phase of their company development.

byFounders VC

byFounders is a “for founders by founders” fund built on the foundation and backing of a strong Founders Collective, comprised of a significant group of some of the most successful Danish & Nordic entrepreneurs investing in and supporting a new generation of globally ambitious Nordic & Baltic entrepreneurs.

A. P. Møller Fonden

There are three types of grants available: - AP Moller and Wife Chastine Mc-Kinney Moller Foundation for General Purposes (AP Moller Foundation) - The AP Møllerske Støttefond (Støttefonden) - The Fund for the Advancement of Medicine

Helge Munk

Partner and Chairman of the Board at budget123, Lorenz Technology, QuadSAT and Morningscore.

Katapult Accelerator

Katapult Accelerator is an Oslo-based accelerator program supporting impact startups with a tech foundation. We are proud to announce our new initiative Katapult Climate, which will invest in and accelerate early stage tech-startups with a positive impact on the climate! The Climate Accelerator program, powered by Lundin Foundation, is now accepting applications until June 1st 2020:

Maersk Growth

Maersk Growth is the corporate venture capital arm of the Maersk Group who invest in early stage (seed to A-round) start-ups under the umbrella “Building the Future of Trade”. They invest in the technologies and startups that will shape the future of trade. As an investor, Maersk Growth provides more than funds. They use Maersk Growth's global infrastructure and operational expertise to power exponential growth.

SMG Capital

SMG Capital is a digital investment platform, where private and professional investors can invest in Nordic small medium-sized growth companies. Their core mission is to provide a strong and efficient alternative to the traditional fundraising channels - for attractive growth companies in the Nordics.

Balderton Capital

A Venture Capital fund with a strong focus on European tech startups. Balderton Capital is the largest Europe focused venture fund. Their funds are totaling $2,3 billion. They believe in long-term investments, supporting their portfolio companies from start to exit.

Wave Ventures

Wave Ventures is the first student-run VC in the Nordics and the biggest one in Europe. We provide pre-seed funding for the boldest teams in the Nordics.

Impact Invest Scandinavia

Impact Invest Scandinavia is an intermediary connecting companies with VCs and business angels. Companies they support have impact at the heart of their business idea.

Investo Capital

Investo Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm based in Denmark. Their team has for more than two decades been actively involved in Nordic venture and private equity, actively helping entrepreneurs turn bold ideas into transformative businesses.

Bo Wase

I foresee, that the world as we know it today, will be hit by a disruptive tsumani powered by the exponential growth in computer power, mobile devices, fast internet access, new technologies (nano, health, robotics and many more). These changes will be powered by small and innovative businesses – and I am eager to do my best to support tomorrow’s pioneers through my knowledge, experience and support.

Novo Seeds

Novo Seeds is the leading early stage life-science investor in Scandinavia. The fund provides capital, knowledge, and network to help promising life science projects grow. Novo Seeds is has a specific focus on early-stage life science projects in Scandinavia . Their seed investments help building successful companies out of innovative science. Their pre-seed grants support applied groundbreaking research that shows commercial potential.

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