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Creandum invests in the best innovative and fast-growing companies, companies that can change industries and are led by the people that make it happen. Creandum sees themselves as an entrepreneurs’ best partner. Creandum is backing the companies of tomorrow. The ambition is to help build market leaders within consumer, software and hardware, often with a global market opportunity and strong international focus.

Richard Georg Engström

I am a seasoned entrepreneur in technology and advisor, investor and financier of projects, ventures and organizations with a cultural, social and environmental positive outcome. Since the mid 90’s I have been part of the Nordic and international ecosystem of start-ups and venture financing. Today I work as an advisor, entrepreneur and investor in solutions with the purpose to improve or systemically change the world to be more balanced, equal and prosperous for each and everyone. IMPACT BUSINESS & INVESTING In 2015 I founded an initiative with the aim to structure data and insights into commercial ventures with technology and other solutions for a sustainable world. Since then our team [today addressed as The One Initiative] have screened, analyzed and assessed 7,000+ start-ups on impact for investors to place their capital in relevant investments. Our work have resulted in some of the first and unique reports in the Nordic and global ecosystem of impact start-ups and investments. See more at The One Initiative [www.oneinitiative.org] and Impact Matcher [www.impactmetcher.com]. COLUMNIST & BLOGGER I write occasionally for Nordic business media, especially on green tech, sustainable solutions and impact investing. A few of my recent thoughts: How do you measure and manage impact investments? [9 February 2021] https://bootstrapping.dk/article-5-impact-investing-report-how-do-you-measure-the-real-impact-of-your-investments/ Climate has moved to the top of the investors’ agenda. [20 January 2021] https://bootstrapping.dk/the-impact-report-climate-has-moved-to-the-top-of-the-agenda-for-nordic-investors/ Impact investing is already mainstream in private equity. [24 June 2020] https://bootstrapping.dk/en/impact-investing-is-already-mainstream-in-private-equity/

Sune Alstrup

Tech Investor in +25 startups, but Founder and Entrepreneur at heart. Exits to Oculus VR / Facebook & Snap Inc. My passion is the journey of a technology startup, transforming initial ideas to great products. I prefer to engage and invest in early stage technology startups, who are committed to swing for the fences. I want to help startups succeed with their mission to put a dent in the universe. My most exciting journeys was transforming PhD research on eye tracking into The Eye Tribe, a startup developing the world's leading eye tracking technology for the next generation computing platforms of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The Eye Tribe was acquired by Facebook in Dec 2016 with the aim of integrating eye tracking technology into future Oculus VR/AR products. Since then I have been active in the startup community as an investor and advisor, where I recently served as a hands-on team member at NextMind transforming research on brain-computer interfaces into a non-invasive brain sensor. I worked closely with the founder to fund and commercialize the tech and we successfully exited to Snap Inc. in March 2022.

Nordic-China Startup Forum (NCSF)

Nordic-China Startup Forum(NCSF) is the largest European-Chinese startup- & tech market platform. We are non-profit, community-run grassroots movement led by Nordic & Chinese students & entrepreneurs. Working in close partnership with Nordic & Chinese government agencies & business communities. With team presence in 6 countries & 18 cities we Inspire, Connect & Empower Nordic & Chinese entrepreneurship- and partnership. This by arranging local-global events & delegations travelling in-between our two regions. Join us & connect the world's two best startup- & tech scenes!

EQT Ventures

Half VC, half startup. Fuelled by some of Europe’s most obsessive company builders, engineers, designers, marketeers, data scientists and scaling experts, EQT Ventures supports ambitious founders on their journeys to global success.

Jesper Buch

For the first couple of years, from 2000, Jesper operated Just Eat from a cellar while struggling to make the company profit. When Just Eat started making profits in 2004, he traveled to England and set up a branch there. In 2008, he decided to step down as director of Just Eat, and he moved to Spain before selling his shares in Just Eat in 2011 for a huge million. Buch has over the years invested in many different start-up companies such as Miinto, GoMore, Autobutler and Mentaline.com.

Nexit Ventures

A venture capital firm focused on the mobile and wireless innovation, IoT and the converging digital space.

Teemu Takala

I am a creative business thinker who has a passion for building and growing new businesses. Currently working as a Chief Strategy Officer for Nordic Morning and Nordic Morning Group. At Nordic Morning I am also running and building Nordic Level Marketing & Business Transformation Consultancy. Member of Group Management team.

Growing Food CPH

Growing Food CPH is a knowledge-intensive accelerator for early-stage food and food-tech startups from the Capital Region of Denmark.

Henrik Høyer

Are you looking for an experienced cofounder, investor, CEO, CPO or CTO with a proven track record ?

Ørsted Ventures & Inno

Ørsted stands out for their search and dedication to involving startups as allies, and not only assets. The startups that they choose to invest and collaborate with are essentially the ones that will not only bring financial returns, but would generate a strategic value for the organisation. To achieve this they decided to look for the companies that would be relevant for diverse parts of their business, and engage with them in a variety of ways, hence benefit the startups and Ørsted.

Zibra Family Office

Our purpose is to protect and preserve the wealth, interests and values of the Zibrandtsen Family. This also entails supporting the development of the businesses founded and owned by the Zibrandtsen Family as well as their portfolio investments.

Volvo Group Venture Capital

Volvo Group Venture Capital is a corporate investment company making venture capital and growth equity investments companies at the forefront of service orientation and product differentiation in the transport and infrastructure industries.


Early-stage venture capital with strong Nordic roots. Inventure is a leading early-stage venture capital company in the Nordics. We invest in innovative and fast-growing companies, led by exceptional entrepreneurs and willing to disrupt their industries.

Arkwright X

Arkwright X is a business incubator investing in promising tech startups. They combine their knowledge and competencies from management consulting with the know-how and expertise from seasoned entrepreneurs and founders from the Nordic startup scene.

Techstars Stockholm

The Stockholm Techstars Accelerator invests in high-growth, early-stage companies in the Nordic-Baltic startup ecosystem. Techstars is a global investment business that provides access to capital, one-on-one mentorship, and customized programming for early-stage entrepreneurs. Techstars is the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed — almost 3,000 graduate companies (including 19 unicorns) have raised a total of $16.5 billion, with an average post-program first raise of $1.0 million.

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