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Each award cycle we receive hundreds, sometimes thousands, of nominations, which are boiled down to just five winners. But, (and it's a big one) while we believe it's important to celebrate the best, we don't believe the impact should stop there. The Index Award pipeline is an invaluable and ever-growing source of great solutions, regardless of winning status, that are ripe for investment — both human and financial. That's why we've gone beyond award-giving to invest.
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Investment info

Invests in
Product or prototype
Go to market
Growth and expansion
Investment range
€ < 25K
€ 25 - 50K
€ 50 - 100K
€ 100 - 500K
€ 0,5 - 1M
Primary markets
Consumer, Companies, Marketplace
Investing in countries
Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

Focus areas

Energy & Greentech
Energy & Greentech
Healthcare & Life Science
Healthcare & Life Science
IT & Software
IT & Software
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Key people


Liza Chong

Invests in SDGs

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