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Innovation incubator financed by the Danish government. Syddansk Innovation A/S backs early-stage companies with a global potential. Special attention is given to young entrepreneurs and projects that spring from universities and research institutions.
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Consumer Goods
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Energy & Greentech
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Media & Entertainment
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Healthcare & Life Science
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Achoo ApS

VulCur MedTech


Smooth Robotics ApS

Shape Robotics



Lorenz Technology

Invests in SDGs


More about Syddansk Innovation

Realistic and original business ideas within the fields Information and Communications Technology & Big Data, Life Science & Welfare Technology, Industry & Cleantech. The Incubator invests during the pre-seed and seed phases of a company’s life cycle.




Syddansk Innovation is one of the four innovation incubators in Denmark approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. Since the birth of these initiatives in the late nineties, their goal has been to support knowledge-driven entrepreneurs. More than +100 companies have received investments from Syddansk Innovation and a total of 48 companies have been exited.


How much do they invest?

Syddansk Innovation A/S invest in 12-15 new projects every year. It is possible to receive up to DKK 6 million by Syddansk Innovation financed through a mix of equity capital and loans. Up to DKK 3,5 million can be granted in a primary investment round which requires co-financing by the entrepreneurs corresponding to 8 % of the total investment sum. The remaining DKK 2,5 million can be granted in a secondary investment round but requires co-investment corresponding to 60 % of the total investment sum by an alternate investor.


How do they work?

Syddansk Innovation does a screening of your company and business plan. Register online to get started. (link: This first screening focuses on the quality of the idea and your team. Next step is a deeper examination of your potential, which is a collaborative process with Syddansk Innovation. It takes 1-3 months and you need to provide a detailed budget. The result is a more developed business plan. If it goes well, you will draft an agreement on Syddansk Innovation as your funding partner. Finally, the agreement must be approved by the incubator’s board.

The subsequent funding period last 15-18 months. You register a co-owned company with Syddansk Innovation and you are in continuous dialogue with them about your business progress. Their involvement lasts 2-4 years, before they sell off their equity or the whole company is sold.


This makes a difference to them

The originality of the idea is a major concern. It will also claim Syddansk Innovation’s attention if your team is motivated and puts specific technological knowledge to work. Other obvious strengths are a big target audience, a scalable business model, and an overall financing plan that fits Syddansk Innovation’s investment range.


A good pitch for them

Syddansk Innovation welcomes a business plan from the outset. It should contain your considerations on product/service, market, business model, team, economy, capital needs, exit possibilities, and future milestones.


Startups they funded

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