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Sarsia Seed AS is a Norwegian Seed Capital Fund which invests in Norwegian early phase technology companies within the energy & cleantech and biotechnology & life science sectors.
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Product or prototype
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€ 100 - 500K
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Consumer, Companies
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Consumer Goods
Consumer Goods
Energy & Greentech
Energy & Greentech
Healthcare & Life Science
Healthcare & Life Science



APIM Therapeutics


Prophylix Pharma




Seafarm Productions

Key people

Managing Partner

Erlend Skagseth

Invests in SDGs


More about Sarsia Seed

They focus on energy & cleantech and biotechnology & life science sectors. This can include alternative energy technologies, climate and purification technologies, electric power control & monitoring technologies, measurement technologies, instrumentation and process technologies within the energy & oil & gas sectors. In biotechnology, it can include medical instrumentation & technology platforms, medical diagnostics & other biotechnology products, pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals and marine & aquaculture technology.



Sarsia Seed was founded in 2006. The fund has 13 active investments through a capital of 363 mNOK. Sarsia Seed Fund II is currently being raised (3-500 mNOK), expected investing from early 2017.

Sarsia Seed invests nationwide in Norwegian companies and they are the only seed fund in Norway specialising in the field of life sciences.


How much do they invest?

They intend to invest in 30-40 companies which are at a seed stage of financing. A typical first round of investment will be in the area of 1-5 million NOK for a 10% to 40% ownership stake. They also contribute with expertise towards the companies’ technological and commercial development.


How do they work?

After the first contact, they only take a few days to decide if your idea is within their field of investment and if it has commercial potential. If it does, a first meeting is booked. It normally takes around 4-6 weeks to make a comprehensive evaluation of your project. An appraisal of the management, technology, ownership rights, market potential and business model will also be made. Terms negotiation will normally take 3-6 weeks to establish. The step after that is due diligence where assessment of all financial, legal, and technical aspects of the case. Contractual agreements are formalized and entered into, and the investment is implemented. In the last phase, the post-investment activities, Sarsia Seed will take on the role as an active shareholder and develop the company further. This includes capital and expertise.


This makes a difference to them

They want to invest in unique and protectable technology. It should be sustainable, scalable and with a well-defined business model. Your service or product should be aimed at an attractive and growing market with potential for international expansion. They should have the possibility of achieving 10%-40% ownership and the possibility of contributing towards your company’s or prospect’s development through board membership.

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