Point Nine Capital

Point Nine is an early-stage venture capital firm primarily focused on SaaS and online marketplaces. While based in Berlin, Point Nine invests in startups all over the world.


Focus areas

As early backers of SaaS companies like Zendesk, Unbounce, Vend and many others, Point Nine are best known for their SaaS focus and expertise. While it’s true that they are huge SaaS fans, they also invest in a number of great online marketplaces and consumer internet companies.

Investing in

  • Idea
  • Product or prototype
  • Go to market
  • Growth and expansion

Focus areas

The investor is focussed on the following areas

Consumer services & devices
Consumer services & devices
Marketplace & eCommerce
Marketplace & eCommerce


Point Nine are a small, international and down to earth team with a diverse set of backgrounds. They have only one goal: To help you succeed.

How much do they invest?

The initial investment is typically between a few hundred thousand Euros/Dollars up to about a million. Over the lifetime of a company they sometimes invest significantly more.

How do they work?

If you wish to collaborate with Point Nine, please fill out the short form on their website and pitch them for an investment. You’ll be asked to attach your pitch deck. Please make sure to include the following:

  • If you’ve launched already please include some relevant KPIs.
  • If you haven’t launched yet but there’s a private alpha or beta they'd love to get an invitation.
  • Tell them about your background and the background of your co-founders.

As the tagline "The Angel VC" suggests, Point Nine is a combination of Angel Investment and Venture Capital. Like all good angel investors, Point Nine is a friendly source of capital with lots of additional value-add. They strive to become your mentors, someone who you can trust and who you’re happy to call in good AND in bad times. At the same time, they are able to invest much larger amounts of capital than the typical Angel Investor and they can support with the extensive expertise and network of their team. 

This makes a difference to them

Point Nine looks at lots of criteria. Important ones include the product, the market size and the market segment, the business model, the company’s early traction and of course the team. They have a strong bias for great products, big markets and signs of early traction, but they don’t expect everything to be perfect. They’re called Point Nine Capital for a reason.
If you are the founder of a SaaS startup, you may want to read this blog post which Christoph Janz wrote: What we look for in early-stage SaaS startups.

Key People

Pawel Chudzinski - Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Having led investments in companies such as Brainly, DocPlanner, Kreditech, Mambu and Bitbond, Pawel has a knack for marketplaces and FinTech, as well as SaaS.

Christoph Janz - Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Christoph has invested in more than 20 SaaS startups and lives and breathes SaaS. He co-founded Point Nine Capital in 2011. Before that, he co-founded two Internet startups (DealPilot.com in 1997 and Pageflakes in 2005).


How to approach them

If you wish to know more about Point Nine, you are welcome to contact them via email.


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