With offices located in London, New York, Stockholm and Oslo, Northzone is a technology investment partnership. Since 1996, they have been chosen by exceptional entrepreneurs as a long-term partner for growth.
Type VC

Investment info

Invests in
Product or prototype
Go to market
Growth and expansion
Investment range
€ 100 - 500K
€ 0,5 - 1M
€ 1 - 5M
€ > 5M
Primary markets
Consumer, Companies, Marketplace
Investing in countries
Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

Focus areas

Consumer Goods
Consumer Goods
Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment
Healthcare & Life Science
Healthcare & Life Science
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Universal Avenue







Key people

General Partner

Hans Otterling


Jessica Nilsson

Invests in SDGs


More about Northzone

Broad technology focus.

They look for:

They're big believers in the power of talented and balanced teams. Teams reshaping the world with creative solutions to real problems. Teams that are reshaping the world with creative solutions to real problems make us happy. Growing a company is not easy. They look for people with the skills, tenacity and ambition to pull it off. They're after globally attractive markets. That is, ones that are large and growing. They need to understand how you will turn your vision into a business.




They are entrepreneurs, researchers, ex-suits, and above all, passionate doers.

Having invested in more than a hundred companies so far, Northzone have been through the life cycle of a company many times. If you would like to know more about how it is to work with them, they encourage you to talk to some of the startups and growth companies they have already funded.


How much do they invest?

From 0.5M USD to +10M USD.


This makes a difference to them

As a team you should be able to prove you have talent and energy, but also display a combination of balance and vision. Your idea or product should target a problem, preferably in a creative way no one has ever thought about. This gives you an edge. Your business has to be scalable and target a large or growing market.

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