Leksell Social Ventures

Leksell Social Ventures is an investment company supporting social enterprises and social innovation for a better Sweden.

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Consumer, Companies, Marketplace
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Consumer Goods
Consumer Goods
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Energy & Greentech
Healthcare & Life Science
Healthcare & Life Science
IT & Software
IT & Software
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More about Leksell Social Ventures

LSV invests in scalable, economically sustainable and well-governed initiatives with evidence-based and measurable social impact. They focus on initiatives that address social and economic marginalization, for sustainable community development or for an improved ecosystem for social innovation in Sweden.



LSV is a limited company (AB), wholly owned by the Leksell family. Any financial returns generated will be reinvested into LSV and its portfolio. Today the operation is supported by Laurent, Caroline and Richard as well as Henrik Storm Dyrssen, their CEO and advisors affiliated LSV.


How much do they invest?

LSV offers credit, financial guarantees and equity investments up to 8 million SEK as well as grants on a limited basis.


How do they work?

LSV is looking for startups able to reach at least 10% of a well-defined target demographic in Sweden, Out of the applicants LSV has received (92), 15% are ready to scale, 35% are in a stage of still validating their model, looking to bridge the period until the model is set and ready to scale. 50% of models are local or not scalable by nature or have teams uniterested in growth.


This makes a difference to them

Startups applying for funding should be scalable, economically sustainable, goal oriented, evidence-based, measurable, and socially impactful. Applicants can be both non-profit entities and for-profit corporations.


Key People

Henrik Storm Dyrssen - CEO
An internationally experienced management professional and a double Master Degree holder, Specialising in business and organizational development in the field of social innovation.

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