InnoFounder is a 1-year design driven incubator that targets recent graduates from Danish accredited educations.
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Consumer, Companies, Marketplace
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Consumer Goods
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Energy & Greentech
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Media & Entertainment
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More about InnoFounder

InnoFounder targets early-stage startups with a scalable idea and a clear market potential in all fields of business. We look for scalable ideas with a clear market potential.

The 12 months consist of:

  • Hands-on bi-weekly coaching from a permanent mentor.
  • Monthly workshops featuring world-class domain experts.
  • A seat in a co-working space in one of Denmark’s five largest cities (optional).
  • Access to the InnoFounder community of investors, designers, startups and corporate professionals in Denmark and internationally.



InnoFounder has been active since 2014 (previously called The Entrepreneurial Pilot Programme).


How much do they invest?

InnoFounder offers a monthly salary of DKK 15,000 for 12 months plus a one-time special grant of DKK 35,000.


How do they work?

InnoFounder is owned by Innovation Fund Denmark and operated by a consortium of Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and The Danish Design Centre.

We are open for applications twice a year – more details on

The InnoFounder incubator is based on creative problem-solving. For the first 6 months, we focus on making sure that you design the right thing – understand your users and the value you create for them. For the next 6 months, the focus is on designing the thing right – that your product/service and business model is on point.

During the 12 months, the goal is to help you develop your startup to a point at which it is ready to acquire investors and go to market.


This makes a difference to them

Your startup must be early-stage, and the idea must scalable idea with a clear market potential.

You are qualified to join InnoFounder if:

  • You have graduated with a public tertiary degree, a PhD degree or accredited private degree (i.e. a degree carrying entitlement to a Danish student grant) no longer than 12 months ago, counted from the date of graduation to the application deadline.
  • You are a student of such a degree, graduating no later than the start date of the InnoFounder course for which you apply.

You can apply as single founder or as a team.


A good pitch for them

You apply for InnoFounder through the application system

In addition to the online form, add your exam transcript with documentation on your date of graduation. If you have any technical or professional references, you can include them as appendixes.

Selected applicants will be called in to pitch for a live panel after which the final selection will be made.


Key People

Christoffer H. Malling - Head of Incubator
Christoffer is Programme Director at The Danish Design Centre and former Managing Director of #CPHFTW. He is head of the incubator and also functions as mentor.

Jan Krog Henningsen - Head of Mentoring
Jan is Ventures Development & Operations Lead and Manager at CIID. He is head of mentoring at the incubator and also functions as mentor.

Astrid Stokholm - Visuals, Communication & Project Management
Astrid is Project Manager at The Danish Design Centre. She is in charge of visuals, communication and day-to-day management at InnoFounder.


Startups they funded

InnoFounder has previously invested in successful startups such as LuggageHero, KUBO Robot, Roccamore, Capdesk, Nordsense and Spiio.

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