Energi Invest Fyn

Energi Invest Fyn invests in startups and companies in the region of Southern Denmark. The initiative is a collaboration between University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and the local energy firm Energi Fyn.
Type VC
Website energiinvestfyn.dk

Investment info

Invests in
Product or prototype
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Investment range
€ 0,5 - 1M
€ 1 - 5M
€ > 5M
Primary markets
Consumer, Companies
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Focus areas

Consumer Goods
Consumer Goods
Energy & Greentech
Energy & Greentech
IT & Software
IT & Software



Fionia Lighting


Othonia Curing Technology



Invests in SDGs


More about Energi Invest Fyn

They prefer to invest as early as possible in new energy technology. Ideally already before the technologies leave the academic labs. Due to the close bonds to the University of Southern Denmark, the technologies should have some affiliation with SDU. Exceptions can be made, however. Early investments come with an amount of uncertainty and risk, but Energi Invest Fyn tries to balance it with the energy technology know-how from Energi Fyn.



Energi Fyn has a very wide knowledge on energy tech, also from a practical point of view. Some investments have already resulted in new energy technologies being implemented into Energi Fyn’s business. Since the investors work closely with SDU, they may also give access to a network of researchers to benefit the startup’s product.


How much do they invest?

Typically DKK 2 million and often along with other investors. Can invest as many times per year as good ideas come up.


How do they work?

If the initial pitch is interesting enough, Energi Invest Fyn will ask for a short (4-5 pages) business plan. After that the material will be examined by people from Energi Invest Fyn, but maybe also by external experts. The whole process takes between three to six months.


This makes a difference to them

Technology which is supported by knowledge from university research. They also appreciate a local economic benefit and the product development should be located in the region of Southern Denmark.


A good pitch for them

Contains some degree of commercial promise. The team behind the startup must convince Energi Invest Fyn that they have the drive and skills to pull it through. Specifically, technologies supporting Energi Fyn’s core business are appreciated.

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