David Helgason

I'm a technologist, founder of a wonderful technology company, non-exec director to others, and a restless entrepreneur with a passion for creating feedback loops between innovation and teams and products, applying new and old business models to changing industries, and pushing people to do the very best they can do.
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Consumer, Companies, Marketplace, Government
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Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

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Consumer Goods
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IT & Software
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Hugging Face


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David Helgason

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My background is in programming, an assortment of university dabbling, creating companies, and helping entrepreneurs. I served as CEO of Unity Technologies since co-founding it in 2003 and until October 2014, with an unflinching vision to democratize game development, and to develop technology and business models for the next phase of the games industry. We've done well thus far.

PS. I always enjoy the challenge of connecting the dots in front of a tough audience, and in recent years I have spoken at conferences as diverse as TechBBQ, Copenhagen Tech Festival, Techfestival.se, Tech Open Air Berlin, Slush (2017), Quo Vadis, Asia America Multitechnology Association Interactive Summit keynote, Slush – six different talks, (2016), Slush, Slush Play, Pocket Gamer Helsinki, DICE Europe, Fast Growth Founders, Casual Connect Amsterdam, CPHFTW (2015), Association of Equipment Manufacturers' Conference, Israeli Games Conference, ARM Partner Conference, DICE (2014), Samsung Developer Conference keynote, GMGC Chengdu keynote, ChinaJoy keynote (2013), Nordic Game keynotes (2010 and 2013), GameHorizon (2012), the Canadian Game Conference keynote (2012), Develop Evolve (2011), Qualcomm's Uplinq Conference keynote, GigaOm's Mobilize, GamesBeat (2010), CEDEC (2010 and 2011), more than 15 global Unite conference keynotes since 2007, an Apple WWDC guest keynote (2006), a bunch of industry panels, and a number of TV and radio and podcast appearances.

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