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Danish Business Angels (DanBAN) is the largest network of Business Angels in Denmark with 300 active members/investors. Each year more than 400 startups get funded from the network of Business Angels.
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Consumer, Companies, Marketplace
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Consumer Goods
Consumer Goods
Energy & Greentech
Energy & Greentech
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Media & Entertainment
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More about DanBAN - Danish Business Angels

DanBAN is a network of almost 300 private business angels that invest in startups within all areas -often as early as in the seed phase.



Founded in 2012, DanBan today has 702 startups in their portfolio. In 2020 53% of the pitching startups went into Due Diligence.


How much do they invest?

Average investment per company is 1 mill. (DKK million) and in 2020 the network had a total investment of 365 mio. DKK.


How do they work?

They use the business angel platform StartupIncluder to receive and review applications.

Applying as a Startup you can sign-up here (https://danban.org/ansoeg-om-funding/). DanBan screen cases on a daily basis and if your case is found relevant your will be invited to one of the bi-monthly DanBAN pitch events in either Copenhagen, Odense or Aarhus. These are held both physically and virtually.

Companies must, in principle, meet these three criteria in order to be considered for a pitch event invitation: Looking for funding - have a Minimum Viable Product – And be able to show some validation / traction.

You should create a StartupIncluder profile and apply here. When you have submitted your information on StartupIncluder, your case will be screened. Then Relations Investors of DanBAN may contact you to invite you to a pitch event in front of the Business Angel network. Once your application is submitted, it becomes available to any angel in the network. 65 percent of incoming proposals get direct feedback from the network.


This makes a difference to them

The more thorough an application, the higher the chances of having your case presented at one of the pitch events. So, take your time, before you submit it.


A good pitch for them

The pitch should address how your startup solves an existing problem and connect the solution to a viable business model. Secondly, you have to pin down the overall market you are navigating. Obvious competitors should be mentioned. A good pitch will also include your company’s milestones so far, an overview of your human resources and your financial outlook. Ideally, it will show how an angel investment fits together with the other elements of your growth strategy. They have a template for their take on the perfect pitch. See it here (https://danban.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/DanBAN-Pitch-Guide-2020.pdf.)

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