Danish-based early-stage startup accelerator, helping startups find product-market fit and get ready for product launch and raising investment rounds. In August 2020, we launched our new pre-seed fund Accelerace Invest II that is also the biggest and most aggressive pre-seed fund in Denmark, making up to 30 new investments per year. To get investment from Accelerace, you need to participate in our free acceleration program
Type Accelerator / Incubator

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Invests in
Product or prototype
Go to market
Investment range
€ < 25K
€ 25 - 50K
€ 50 - 100K
€ 100 - 500K
Primary markets
Consumer, Companies, Marketplace, Government
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Focus areas

Consumer Goods
Consumer Goods
Energy & Greentech
Energy & Greentech
Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment
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Key people

Partner & Fund Manager

David Ventzel

Invests in SDGs

More about Accelerace

The strategy of Accelerace is to invest at the earliest stage. Typically, right after the founder team has decided to go full time and built a prototype. And preferably before anyone else invest. Put differently, we invest at the pre-seed stage or pre-product-market-fit stage



Accelerace has a team that includes experienced entrepreneurs, financial advisors & investors. They have worked with 700+ startups and spin-offs and created 1200 jobs along the way. Their startups have received more than €240 million in total funding and investment. 


How much do they invest?

After completing their accelerator program, startups have a chance of getting up to 500.000 DKK standardized convertible loan from the Accelerace Investment II fund using a standard document. That saves everyone a lot of precious time in negotiation and legal fees that could be put to better use talking to customers and building product. The investment fund will provide much-needed capital to a total of 90 Danish startups until 2023.


How do they work?

When startups satisfy their conditions and are accepted for the program, they get +180 hours of one-on-one sessions with an experienced Accelerace consultant. They also get monthly training sessions with various mentors, a founder's package with resources and tools worth +€50,000, access to the leading network of VC firms and angel investors in Scandinavia and the chance of a follow-up investment.


This makes a difference to them

They believe that commitment and dedication is essential to success and they only work with people who are willing to put in the hours and go the extra mile to succeed.


A good pitch for them

Short and precise. A good pitch shows the team's ability to adapt to the market. This understanding of the market should be translated into a description on how to scale the business up. Estimated market sizes and promises of graphs that goes “up and to the right” are less important.


Startups they funded

Bownty, Churchdesk, Teleskin, Reapplix, Conferize, Coinify, Graduateland, Sekoia, Actimo, Delouge, Mobility Count, Advalight, Decoslide, , Edgeflow, Flowsion, Green Trap Online, Heatgear, Inventilate,, Jam Origin, MeMover, Remic, Sorbisense, Sproom, SUMA, TableGrabber, Tutee, uCommerce, WaterSurvaliance, Yaneeda 

Accelerace has made 67 pre-seed investments in startups, who have been through the accelerator program and have started partnerships with industry-leading companies such as The Novo Nordisk Foundation, Arla, and Elia. Accelerace is also responsible for the management of NOME (Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship), a mentor network for life science startups.

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