Head of Mechanical Engineering / Team lead with strong manufacturing background

Salary Competitive

We are looking to hire a co-founder kind of profile. A high quality, high focus senior mechanical Engineer with manufacturing experience to become the first leader in mechanical engineering

We currently have a team of 4 mechanical engineers and mechatronics, expecting to grow by ~5 quickly.

Since we are a small startup, the ideal candidate is likely to be a senior mechanical engineer with high potential to grow into a leadership role

The ideal candidate have a background that is deeply involved in manufacturing. Experience building robots, agricultural machines or other similar contexts is a plus.

We are working on a solution that can solve world hunger and fix farming with regenerative practices so we need a partner that is passionate and committed to such hard journey.

Core to that journey is our belief that engineers make reality out of dreams. We are inspired by the engineering quality and principles of companies like Tesla and SpaceX, specially the focus on obsessive focus, first principles and the power of manufacturing as a driver of innovation in engineering. Although we expect to build our company's culture, we believe it will be aligned with those principles and ambition.

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Equity package
Equity package

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CHARLES is a robotics firm launching a farming robot very soon. We believe in technology as a driver of common good and want to launch a robot that will change how humanity functions in it core. We are currently hiring in Århus/Hinnerup and Greater Copenhagen area. Our site will be live as soon as we can disclose our amazing project :)

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