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Why should you join our team?

We build products that make a difference for our customers and solve real societal challenges. We are an effective and small team with a passion for research and development, and we have a solid backing to employ the best talent to work with our advanced technology. At Factiverse, we are finding facts, and your contribution will be significant in this quest.

If you care about solving problems, dreaming, and executing, join us!

What is it we do? 

Our goal is to help B2B decision-makers find the most relevant and credible information to increase impact and revenue. 1 in 2 online news consumers is concerned about whether they can see true or fake online. Misinformation and disinformation cost society 78 billion USD annually, everything from reputation damage to fall in stock prices and people's health.

Factiverse is at the forefront of this crisis. We design, develop and build tools for journalists and analysts. Their requirement for tooling to monitor and navigate the enormous amount of content online, discover controversy, disputed sources, and bias are massive. Today's tools are for users that can automatically fact-check online content or their articles, enrich articles with automated facts, and improve reader engagement.

We use cutting-edge AI and NLP and patented our solution after years of research at the University of Stavanger.

In 2021 we raised funding, built several prototypes, landed the first pilot customer and expanded our team.

In 2022 we are raising a new round of funding and expanding further. It is a critical growth phase, and a lot is happening. We have one unique product that gets a lot of attention, and we need more hands-on-deck to sell it. We also need help to gather customer feedback and contribute to our features' business development. We could use your help!

How do we do it?

In 2021 we raised funding, built several prototypes, landed the first pilot customer, and expanded our team. In 2022 we are raising a new round of funding and expanding further. We have one product primarily for Norwegian media and international, and we are developing an advanced AI-driven prototype.

What do we need?

Now we are looking for a new addition to our team! You are a great communicator and team player, have a head for business development, and genuinely care about users and their needs. We hope that you have senior sales experience. If not senior, show us your track record and references to your previous work!

Who are we looking for?

Here are some other critical criteria

  • You are fluent in English or preferably a native speaker.

  • Ready to fail, learn from it and try again

  • Passionate about bringing more clarity to the world

  • Good at listening and understanding the customer's needs, communicating them to the rest of the team and suggesting new features that can improve our products. We are in a fantastic position - our tech team is solid, so we can genuinely innovate!

  • Work independently on reaching out to customers through calls, emails and events.

  • In the beginning, you will participate in sales meetings with our CEO and Product manager. However, once you learn the product by heart, we would like for you to take on more significant responsibilities and drive the sales process on your own

  • We love structure and initiative - micromanaging is not our favourite way to work together

  • 3-10 years or more experience with sales or business development

  • Excellent communication, teamwork and organisational skills with attention to detail

  • Last but not least - you dream big and execute!

If this sounds like you, please get in touch with us.

Who are we?

We are a diverse team of 10 people based in Oslo and Stavanger. Our core expertise lies in technology and media.

Our hands-on CTO and founder, Vinay Setty, has 12 years of experience in text mining. He is also a part-time associate professor in machine learning at UiS.

CEO and co-founder Maria has ten years of experience in media as a journalist, writer of 5 non-fiction books and content creator.

Chris is a full-stack developer with experience from Cisco and Gaute and has worked with gamification in Octalysis Group. Domante and Tobias are our front-end developers, Aleksander, Apoorva, and several data scientists connected to the UiS and Hannover.

Our investors and board members have a lot of experience in tech, scaling and media, and they have done many exits and IPOs. Our chairman, Espen Egil Hansen, has been an editor for VG and Aftenposten for 30 years, headed the innovation unit in Schibsted and is part of Facebook Media Accelerator.

What you'll do

Reach out to potential customers, introduce them to our products, learn their needs and close the sales.

Understand the technology and the product profoundly and be constantly on the lookout for how to solve the customers' needs.

How we work

However, you can work independently, keep in touch and share knowledge with the team.

You want to work in an environment that supports your individual growth by providing you with inspiring and pioneering work.

We love structure and hold ourselves to a high standard when working

You acknowledge that the diversity of professional and life experiences is one of the critical drivers for ground-breaking innovation.

For more information or questions please contact us at

Perks and benefits

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Flexible working hours

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Equity package
Equity package

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Pension plan
Pension plan

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With exponential growth in online information, our ability to understand what to trust or not is becoming even more crucial. We are a team of award-winning data scientists and published authors passionate about high-quality online content and building AI for good. We're committed to establishing credibility in a world of uncertainty and mistrust, and we believe our tech shows that commitment. Factiverse holds a US patent for its algorithm. We have also won multiple awards, including Digital Trust Challenge 2023 at KI Park, AI-Startup of the Year by Nora.AI, and Winners of Media Futures EU 2022. We recently launched our first product, an AI Editor. Do you wonder if your AI-generated text is correct? Paste it in the Factiverse editor, and leave it up to our AI to find factual mistakes. We will also search Google and Bing in real time to provide links to credible sources and save you hours of research. Learn more on our ProductHunt page

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