Global Employment Platform

by Oyster

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Global hiring made easy with Oyster 

Why should startups choose Oyster?

Meet Oyster, your trusted partner for global employer of record (EOR) services. Full-timers, contractors, compliance, payroll, benefits, equity - they’ve got you covered. In 180+ countries.

What are the benefits of the Oyster platform?

Oyster offers a fast and compliant EOR solution to help you employ in countries where you don’t have a legal entity. Oyster eliminates the complexities of global payroll. Use one platform to pay your team on time in 140+ currencies, manage invoices and reimbursements, and access detailed payroll reports.

Exclusive Offer for The Hub users

As a The Hub client, you get free access to local employment intelligence and tools so you can create location-tailored offers that are compliant, competitive, and equitable.

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