Employer of Record and Payroll Management

by Invoicery & Frilans Finans

Payroll administration & Trouble-free invoicing

Get rid of the hassle of payroll management with Invoicery & Frilans Finans

Why should startups choose Invoicery & Frilans Finans?

For startups: Payroll administration

Invoicery & Frilans Finans take care of all the boring stuff such as salaries, taxes, holiday pay, insurances and so much more, which they do for 150,000 other entrepreneurs and startups throughout the Nordics. 

For freelancers: Trouble-free invoicing

As a freelancer, you avoid all the hassle of needing your own VAT number when you invoice through Invoicery & Frilans Finans. This way everyone can safely focus on having fun with their business.

About Invoicery & Frilans Finans:

• Self-employment and payroll management in the Nordics since 1999
• Branches in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and France
• 150.000 employees and one million invoices

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Invoicery & Frilans Finans deliver A-Z turnkey payroll management for startups on The Hub.

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