WeSynch Corporate

By Synch Advokat AB

WeSynch Corporate is one of the most complete and flexible services on the market for your company. Through WeSynch Corporate, you will have access to different modules containing tools that will drastically simplify your everyday corporate work.

With the Contract Management Module, you can create, share, manage and electronically sign your contracts as well as manage your agreement calendar and receive notifications on key contractual issues such as expiration date and renegotiation of prices to enable you to take timely action.

With the Board Site Module, you can plan, prepare, administer and manage your board of directors’ meetings, store and share all documentation for your board meetings in a safe location, share confidential information in a secure and controlled manner as well as manage the employees’ and management’s access to sensitive information as individuals leave and enter the company.

The service is available online, offline via web or app. The modules that compose WeSynch Corporate can either be used together or on a stand-alone basis. WeSynch Corporate is created by Synch Advokat AB’s lawyers and is subject to constant development and a part of Synch’s ambition to continuously simplify the management of legal matters for customers, both by providing packaged solutions and by making optimal use of technology. 

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