Welcome to Finland – An Onboarding Guide

There are many reasons to why one should relocate to Finland: It is the happiest country, highclass education and it is one of the safest countries in the world.

This is the Onboarding Guide to Finland. It strives to help hiring companies to acquire new talents from abroad and help the international employees with the relocation process to Finland The guide provides links and tips  for talents and recruiters. It gathers all the relevant websites, organisations, companies and addresses in one place - depending on what you need help with it directs you to the designated operator.

Based on the experience of the Maria 01 foreign colleagues, Finnish bureaucracy is not that challenging. Once you have received the “green light” to move to the country, all you need to do is act. Be fast, provide papers on time, follow the instructions and be honest. Sure, there are some requirements; but once you honestly fulfil those, things won't take too long.

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