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Join Scandinavia’s largest mentor program for university startups

Venture Cup is a world-leading startup organization for university students. Venture Cup is an association of all eight Danish universities and has grown to have Scandinavia’s largest mentor program for university students with more than 375 mentors from the business community and a Founder’s Club via which relevant courses are offered to the founders in the Venture Cup network.



The Venture Cup team have spend the cold Winter improving the concept of their mentor program, Startup Mentors, so it is more fun, engaging and useful for our Venture Cup Denmark users.

As a NEW initiative, startups will from 2019 be spoiled a bit more. They now not only get access to experienced expertise through a six months mentorship, but now also get:

  1. Access to 10+ exclusive deals with Venture Cup's many partners
  2. A chance to win 2 x 50.000 DKK in grants

On top of the initiatives made to please the startups, Venture Cup will be offering all existing and new mentors a unique chance to meet the rest of the 200+ network. Venture Cup has partnered up with the highly specialized KMP+ House of Mentoring in order to equip the mentors with some hands-on-tools on mentoring and a mentor guidebook, before they start their adventure with a university startup for a 6 months period.

Read more about the new concept and sign up for our Startup Mentors events in spring 2019 - co-hosted by their partner Danske Bank - on their website.


If you have any questions regarding the program, call or send an email to:

Keyvan Bamdej
Project Manager

M: +45 26 84 86 66


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