Startup Business Plan

by Cuttles

The Cuttles Startup Business Plan template

Cuttles is a fully guided, interactive and customizable startup builder that helps you with planning, budgeting and presenting your startup to investors. Their business plan tool helps you write your plan in a fraction of the time.

In cooperation with The Hub, Cuttles have turned the Startup Business Plan into a fully guided Word template for you to download and start using. It also includes a useful PDF guide “How to Write a Business Plan for your Startup”, that’ll help you get started!

Not a fan of Word templates? Neither are we!

Truth be told, we’re in an on-going open battle against messy and boring Word business templates. So although we’ve made an effort to make it look good, it seems ironic to offer one ourselves.

That’s why you can also gain access to the real deal. As a member of The Hub, you can sign up for a Cuttles Startup plan and get 45 days free of charge.

Get started with Cuttles app for free

With the Startup plan you’ll have access to the interactive Startup Plan builder as well as all other Cuttles features. Sign up to Cuttles and subscribe to the Startup Plan. This automatically gives you our 14-day trial. Then go to and send a chat message with your email (the one you signed up with) and this code: THEHUB and Cuttles will top up your trial with 31 days!

If you have any questions about how Cuttles works, how to get started or anything else, feel free to reach out to:

Christian Nicolai Thiesen - CEO & Founder

Happy planning and keep shooting for the startup stars! 🚀

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