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SaaS Financial Plan

by Point Nine Capital

Point Nine Capital, the Berlin-based venture fund, knows a thing or two about building startups in the SaaS (software as a service) field.
Their team has worked with numerous SaaS startups, which share a range of relevant indicators, when it comes to keeping track of how the business is doing.
So Point Nine’s Managing Partner Christoph Janz did the sensible thing of boiling all this knowledge into a collection of KPI templates. They are especially relevant for SaaS founders, but cover territory that will pop up in the dialogue with investors, no matter your industry.
They help you create an overview of your performance indicators, including:
MRR = Monthly recurring revenue
ARPA = average revenue per account
CAC = customer acquisition costs
CLTV = customer lifetime value
Beware, the templates are general and all numbers are dummy data. They are based on a company with a 30 day free trial, an inflow of trial users based on online marketing and a conversion to paying customers through a minimum of face-to-face sales.
That means the tools are merely a starting point for your own SaaS startup. It will not be a perfect fit for all your challenges, but will need modifications and your own data.

Get the templates

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