Relocation Help

LifeX gets your employees settled into Copenhagen

LifeX gets your new hires from zero to traction from day one with a completely new take on relocation. LifeX takes care of all the practicalities of relocating and provides a fully-serviced co-living home so your new hire can hit the ground running and start making friends from day one.

Get your new hires onboarded to Copenhagen fast

Relocating new employees can be a time-consuming task. Let LifeX take care of your new hire’s end-to-end relocation so you can focus on what’s most important to you. With these three offers you are more than ready to welcome new employees from abroad:

Work Permit Processing - LifeX hassles the government so you don’t have to

  • End-to-end Project Management
  • Process Walkthrough
  • Collect and Submit Paperwork
  • Immigration Authority
  • Schedule all Appointments
  • Tax Scheme Consultation
  • Residency Permit
  • Timeline Communication
  • Ongoing support to maintain excitement for Copenhagen

Quick Start - LifeX gets your new hires set up fast so they can focus on work

  • Take care of all your practical things!
  • Pre-Move Consultation
  • Airport Pickup
  • Introduction to Culture
  • Language school introduction
  • Healthcare walkthrough
  • Fun things to do
  • EU Registration
  • CPR Registration
  • Bank, phone, and SKAT Setup
  • Bike tour of favourite spots

Better housing for employees

Why have your new hires commit to a long, expensive lease with a huge deposit and live alone? Along with relocation services, your employees can also join their several fully serviced co-living spaces. Instead of landing alone, they can meet new people outside of work and build a network with LifeX from day one.

  • 8 locations in the heart of Copenhagen
  • 63+ members living at LifeX representing 15+ companies
  • Large living areas, in-house laundry, a big kitchen, and multiple bathrooms
  • Beautifully furnished and designed by HAY
  • Hygge, dinners and other social events - while still giving each other personal space
  • LifeX welcomes singles and couples from all over the world
  • Not just for expats or newcomers to Copenhagen - around 20% of the members are locals

Get started

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