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Privacy Policy Check

By Synch Advokat AB

Privacy Policy Check is an AI tool developed by Synch Advokat AB’s lawyers and programmers. The tool is completely free of charge and empowers anyone within or outside the European market to quickly analyse whether one’s own or a third party’s privacy policy addresses the required GDPR criteria.

By a few easy clicks you can copy and paste the privacy policy you want analysed into the AI tool and immediately find out if the privacy policy addresses the required GDPR criteria or if it needs updating.

Synch is proudly one of the first among law firms in the Nordics to have developed an AI tool. The Privacy Policy Check AI tool is a part of Synch’s ambition to continuously simplify the management of legal matters for customers, both by providing packaged solutions and by making optimal use of technology. 

If you have any questions regarding the use of the AI please contact Synch by using the following contact information:

Magnus Sundqvist
+ 46 761 761 957

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