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Pitch Deck Template

Investor presentation coming up? We are here to help!

First impressions matter. Especially when it comes to meeting investors. That’s why you should dedicate hours to creating the best possible pitch deck.

A presentation that tells the story of your startup, so it sounds like an adventure anyone would like to join.

Here we offer you a deck template with a clear structure and slides containing everything an investor needs to know. Each section is equally important. It’s based on input from experienced business angels, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs that it worked for. 

The template puts your startup into this logic:

  1. I found a big challenge, my business idea can solve it, and people want to pay for it
  2. My team is a group of bulletproof talents, and we know, where we are going
  3. We want a new investor to play a role in the exciting process ahead 


We keep the deck to 13 slides. You don’t want to exhaust your audience.

One last piece of advice: Feel at home with all the details – also how you got to any big numbers. To make an impression you really have to know your pitch.

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