Moving to Finland as a Startup Entrepreneur – Checklist

Finland offers a vibrant and friendly startup ecosystem with accelerators, angel investors, VCs and strong innovation support by the government. The capital Helsinki ranks number one in the world in local connectedness among founders, investors and experts.

One of the engines behind the growth of the Finnish startup scene has been the hugely successful gaming and software industry led by companies like Supercell and Rovio. Today, startups' business areas range from gaming, software, ICT and digital services to health tech, environmental and energy industries.

The Startup Kit Checklist consists of three parts and will help foreign entrepreneurs to begin their startup adventure in Finland. The kit has gathered the essential information to boost you and your brilliant startup baby to success. Step on your path to Finland! 

Phase 1: Applying to Finland
Phase 2: Step by step guide on how to establish your company and move to Finland
Phase 3: Developing your business and personal life in Finland

We hope you find the checklist useful!

The Startup Kit for you when moving to Finland!

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