IP Hotline

by Plesner

Do you need help to identify, protect, enforce, or commercialise your business' intellectual property ("IP")?

Then use the free IP Hotline that provides members of The Hub with the opportunity to have a confidential initial discussion over the telephone about any IP issue with an IP expert from Plesner Law Firm free-of-charge.

We can help you

  • if you are considering whether and how to apply for a patent, a trademark, or a design registration, including advise you on costs,
  • minimizing the risk of infringing another business' IP,
  • if your business may already have infringed another business' IP, or
  • if you are considering whether and how to sell or license your IP to another business.

You should also consider requesting a copy of our IPKit, which can be found here. The purpose of the IPKit is to make you as a member of The Hub aware of some of the most common IP issues to consider when establishing a start-up.

If additional advice is needed, subsequent meetings or calls can be arranged or tasks be performed based on cost estimates or fixed prices.

For information about the IP experts of Plesner Law Firm visit

Reach out

Call or send an email to:

Emil Jurcenoks, Attorney-at-Law

D: +45 36 94 15 07
M: +45 30 86 92 15


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